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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Taking a Wardrobe Challenge

There are tons of fashion blogs out there, and this isn't one of them.  =)  I've never promoted myself as a fashion-ista, because I'm not one.  But I'm posting here today to tell you that I've taken a wardrobe challenge.  Why?  Because part of the mission of my blog is to refresh you in your marriage.  Dressing in a way that is pleasing to our husband can refresh your marriage.  It tells your husband that you want to look good in his eyes.

A wardrobe challenge bumps us into the realm of putting a little more effort into what we wear.  It causes us to put an outfit together, and in so doing, put ourselves together.  That's in opposition of throwing something on, which is easy and most times pretty boring and, dare I say it...unattractive.

  Is it wrong for a Christian woman to put effort and thought into her wardrobe?  Um, no.  As a matter of fact, it's wise.  Let's give the right opinion of our God.  He was the Creator of the first official clothing, was He not?  He is a God of order and beauty.  That being said, our dress should be lovely, appropriate, and put together.

Sooo, this week I took a challenge.  It's a wardrobe challenge. There's a fashion blog named, interestingly enough, Putting me together.  It takes time to be put together, doesn't it?  But it is a necessary part of our day. The author of the blog gave a challenge this week to style a dress.  I decided to join the challenge and wear a dress on these cold winter days that I bought when it was summertime.  You don't have to spend lots of money to dress nicely.  Just remixing some pieces you already have can double your wardrobe!

So here's how I styled a summer dress to wear this week during some pretty cold weather:

I found this short-sleeved dress at Charming Charlie's this summer and wore it then with 
no jacket, a simple, thin scarf, bare legs and red flats.
  Here I styled it with a red belt, warm scarf, denim jacket, tights and brown boots.

I wore this on a busy Tuesday when I made hospital visits with my husband, ran errands and then had my Bible Club for my neighbor kids.  I was comfortable and warm all day!  Wearing a dress in winter is very doable!  It was also noticed by my husband, which was part of my motivation!

If you don't stop to really consider what you wear each day, can I challenge you to take a little time to do just that?  Run over to the link to the fashion blog and get a few ideas.  She's got some creative suggestions.  Let your husband know you care, simply by "putting yourself together."

Would you ever consider a wardrobe challenge?  

With love,


Tif @ Bright on a Budget said...

I think this outfit looks great with you! I've found that by sharing my outfits on IG, and following others who share, I've stepped outside by comfort zone and found some great outfits. Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

Thank you! I agree that following what others wear really gives some great ideas to try new outfits! Thanks for stopping by!

Audrey T. said...

Adorable outfit! I agree with you--it's not wrong to care about what we look like. If our identity and worth is placed in that, that's a different story. But, to take care of ourselves a little I think ascribes value to us as creations of the great Creator. We're taking time to care for something that the Lord created and cares for--ourselves! :)

Audrey T. said...
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Denise said...

Thanks, Audrey! I love your perspective!