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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stop Worrying!

I'm planning on doing something soon that scares me.  

I'm considering moving my blog to another site!   Perhaps you're saying, "Is that all?!"  Big deal.  I know.  But...

With a little more than 1,600  posts on this current site, I'm fearful about losing all those entries! I put myself, my very heart and many hours into those posts, and now here I am considering moving to another site.

There are a couple of issues that are pushing me to make this decision, but I'm fearful.  I'm asking myself what would happen if I lost all the posts I've written here.  I'm wondering if it will be hard to learn the process of posting on another site.  I'm afraid I won't be happy with it.  I'm fearful it will cost more than I'd anticipated.  Yet, a decision needs to be made.  What to do?

Wait!  Why do I vacillate? Why am I worrying?  God cares about this little ministry that I do.  So I will pray.  I will ask the Lord's guidance.  Then I will take the plunge towards whichever direction He leads.

Are you as guilty as I am about worrying?  We waste much time in deliberation when all we need to do is ask the Lord to step in and reveal His will, provide our needs or answer and do what only He can do.

My issue may seem small to you, but to me it's large because it's important to me.  Guess what?  That makes it important to God, as well!  What are you worrying about today?  To the Lord, it is also small ~ oh not insignificant and unimportant, but to an infinite God, it is small.  It's not too hard for Him, nor is it too trivial with which to be bothered.

A (n)...
unsaved friend
lost item
financial need

all these matter to God!

Stop mulling it over in your mind and just talk to God about it.

Then you can move on in your day with the load lifted and an assurance that He is at work on your behalf!

Are you worried today?  I'd be happy to pray for you.  Leave your name and I'll call it out to the Lord today! Oh, and I'll keep you posted about the new site for my blog!  Pray with me that I'll find the perfect spot to land!

With love,


Aaron,Mandy,Lynneah said...

I needed this today Denise. Our heat went out last Wednesday on New Years Eve. We had someone come to look at our unit and said we would have to replace it. I began to worry how are we going to pay for this we were not expecting this especially after the holidays. We asked our neighbor to come look at the unit he works for a AC company. So he came and said that we needed a new unit. Not what we wanted to hear. So we told him we had to see what we could do to come up with the finances for it. The great thing is they said that if we could come up with the money for just the unit they would install it at no charge. so we started to pray and ask God to provide.the Lord provided the funds for the unit. so yesterday we told them we had the funds to get the unit. And I asked how soon would we be able to have heat. He said I will have it hooked up by the time you get home from church. I was so overjoyed. then we got a call from him that they had just closed the warehouse where he would pick up the unitand that we would have to wait until the morning. I was beginning to worry. well I didn't end up going to church tonight because Ben had overslept taking a nap. I began to hear noises outside the house where the unit was. And I looked outside and saw that they were working on taking the unit out. I thought they were just taking it out and preparing to install it in the morning. But then I got a knock at the door and my neighbor said you heat is working. and I said I thought you couldn't get the unit. He then proceeded to tell me that they called the branch manager and the manager said that he was at the office and that they could come and get the unit. Praise the Lord we had heat on last night before the cold single digit temperatures came. God is faithful and he will provide no need to worry .
thank you again for posting this .
what a great reminder that God will take care of us. We just need to trust him.

Whitney Pendell said...

Amen, thanks for this reminder! And moving your blog is a big deal...but it will be worth it!

Amy said...

Thank you for writing this! Just the encouragement I needed. Whatever I have going on in life, He knows about, cares about, and He has an answer for me.

Karen said...

For years I heard my husband say to the teens in the youth group, "If it's important to you, it's important to God." Praying you'll have wisdom to do this and that the transition will go smoothly.
Love, Karen E.

Denise said...

Thank you for sharing your story, Mandy! What an awesome God we serve!

Thanks for your encouragement, Whitney.

Amen, Amy and Karen!