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Friday, January 23, 2015

Freshen Up Friday

While we're waiting for spring to come, there are adventures to take that are "semi-outdoor" activities that can help refresh you and brighten your winter doldrums.

Yesterday for my husband's birthday, we had a Car Picnic!  A car picnic is one way to enjoy the beauty of a country road or a mountain view even in cooler temperatures.

Pack up some chili or homemade soup into mason jars.  If you fill the jars with water and then  warm them in the microwave, it will help keep the soup hot.  I also put one of those oven bricks in the microwave and warmed it up, then wrapped it in a kitchen towel.  I then wrapped a towel around the jars and the brick and packed it all into a picnic basket.  I also took cloth napkins, plastic spoons, crackers, some fruit and homemade cookies.

Drive to a beautiful spot and open up the basket in the car and enjoy your lunch from the warmth of your car!

Our meal was simple, but tasted wonderful out there on that mountain road.  It was quiet, beautiful, and romantic.  We came home so refreshed.  I bet you will too!

What adventures do you embark on when you're ready for winter to be over?

I hope you're making plans to be in a Bible-preaching church Sunday!  Don't miss out on what God wants to do in and through you in your local church!

Stay refreshed,


Christa Threlfall said...

What a fun idea!! And you both match! Love that :)

Denise said...

It is fun! I wore purple for him; it's his favorite color. :-)