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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eliminating Distractions

It started with a simple task ~ go downstairs and fix the morning coffee.

I got the Dunkin Donuts coffee into the filter, poured the water inside the coffee maker and pressed the "on" button.  While I waited for the coffee to brew, I unloaded the clean dishes in the  dish drainer and also in the dishwasher.  When I opened the fridge to get out the cream I would need for my cup, I noticed the shelves needed to be wiped down, so I got the dish cloth and took care of the crumbs.  While wiping, I spotted a couple leftover containers that were past their "prime."  They were dumped and the dishes loaded into the now empty dishwasher.  I also took care of fingerprints, a spot on the floor, streaky counter tops, and Sunday coupons before I finally got back to the coffee that had finished brewing long before I returned to the pot.

As I was pouring the steaming liquid into my cup, I was reminded why I don't let myself start on that "one little job" first thing in the morning.  For me, one thing leads to another, and another and another and I use my morning energies on physical things instead of spiritual.

Is there anything wrong with emptying wilting lettuce from the Tupperware container?  Of course not, but when those tasks occupy the time that I would spend with the Lord in His Word, then I have to know my limit and stop before I get started.  Hence, on the days when I make the coffee (which is not too often, since my husband takes care of it most times), I need to use my energies to get into the Word while the coffee is brewing.  I can

  • read my Proverb chapter in that amount of time
  • review my memory passage
For me, the momentum of working gets me distracted from doing what is best.  It's better if I wait until after my Quiet time to do those tasks .

What is it that keeps you from really getting the most out of your time  in God's Word?  Is it all the "stuff" on your phone?  Do you feel an urgency to check Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs or texts first?  Is it a morning news show, a broadcast on the radio that gets your best attention in the morning?  If that takes away time that you need to be drawing up near the heart of God in His Word, then ask the Lord to help you wait; to discipline your time in such a way that He gets the best of your attention and  energies.

All the notifications will be there when you finish hearing from God.  
And yes,those fingerprints on the microwave would've still been waiting for me yesterday. 
Tomorrow I'll ignore them by sitting with my back to them!  

Let's give our best to that which is most important!

With love,


Aaron,Mandy,Lynneah said...

This is so me. I tend to get distracted and lose precious time i could be having in my quiet time . I am working on this. Thank you for sharing.

Kimberly said...

Ditto. This is me too. Isn't that interesting - the devil loves to distract us with any little thing he can find to keep us away from scriptures.

Even when I am doing my normal cleaning i get distracted. I have resorted to only cleaning one room at a time and carrying a thirty one utility tote with me when I clean... things that need to go to another room get tossed in there and delivered as I make my way around the house. I have to really make myself focus on one room at a time.

Denise said...

If we're honest I think we'd all say it's a temptation each of us has to deal with. I'm going to be teaching about Mary and Martha to my Bible club in a little while; we have to make the "best choice" like Mary made!