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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Peek From My Porch

If you could have seen me at around 9:30 - 10:00 p.m. a couple nights ago you'd have seen a furniture moving frenzy!  All it took was a browse through my new Southern Living Magazine to put me in the mood to do a little redecorating!  You see, I saw a picture of a desk in a living room and it was facing a window...

"Brilliant!  Why don't I do that with my desk? It would be great to have the view of the backyard instead of a wall!" I thought to myself.  It sounded like a quick little turn of one piece of furniture.  An hour and half later I was done!

My new view from my desk!
 Of course after moving the desk, nearly everything else in the room had to be moved as well!  As a matter of fact, only my bookcase stayed where it was.  But I love the new look!  I had originally used the couch as a divider between the kitchen space and the living room area.  I decided to open it up so that each seat could enjoy the fireplace.

Click on picture to enlarge
I tried to add layers in the living room.  Accessorizing with a throw on the couch or ottoman, a runner on the coffee table and rugs on the floor adds a dimension of warmth to the room. If I had a wool scarf that matched, I'd tuck it onto the mantle.

Speaking of the mantle, it has also been changed for the winter season (I'm hoping for some snow!).

My husband likes the change, but said he's afraid he's doing to forget about the rearranged furniture and replay the Dick Van Dyke trick and trip over the ottoman or couch. (Do you remember how the show began?)  Poor guy, he's doomed.  Now that I know how much fun it was to move this stuff around, he'd better not walk into this room without a light on!

Anyone else love to move the furniture around?

With love from my country porch,


Dianne said...

I LOVE to move furniture around! I think we get that from Dad. I just spent the afternoon in Jeff's new office arranging his bookshelves and rearranging his office furniture. It looks great! Rearranging is a great sense of accomplishment--unless of course after all the rearranging you realize you are back to the original layout!

Denise said...

It does feel good to have it in a fresh new way!