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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Long, Hard Process of Change

During the first year of living in our new home, we were to take note of any fixes the contractors needed to take care of.  After several months, we noticed a loose piece of wood floor in the kitchen. Then upstairs in the main bathroom,  something caused a fine line crack to appear.  Perhaps a settling of the house?  At any rate, both needs were duly reported.  Yesterday was the day for the repairs.

Drilling, grinding, dust particles flying.  Loose Wood flooring lifted out. A new piece of wood flooring is set in place.  Then pounding, sanding, hammering upstairs making it sound like  they’re tearing the ceiling off, not just replacing a cracked tile in the bathroom floor.  Are they planning to bring in their lame friend through the roof, like the four men who brought their friend to Jesus for healing?! One of the men, on his way up the stairs, said, “It’s going to sound like we’re tearing your house apart, but it’ll be okay!”  I smiled, grateful for the assurance!

Can’t these repairs be done another way? I can hear the ceramic tile being smashed into little pieces, like peanut brittle on the candy makers table.   But, no, glue sticks and scotch tape might be gentler, but they won’t fix the repairs that are needed for a long-term hold.  The dust will soon settle, the new floor will be solid and secure, and I’ll be thankful for the horrific tearing apart so that the fix will be lasting.

For ten weeks many ladies in my church have been looking and searching at their own lives.  We have seen some loose floor boards, some serious cracks, if you will.  Perhaps you, too, have been studying and desiring to grow.  To be made aware of our needs is not repair.  How will the  improvements happen?

It happens now – in the daily applying the truths that we have learned.  We lean in each day into God’s Word and allow Him to chisel and change, to hammer and help.  It’s painful, but it’s necessary.  The “now’s” turn into a year, then into ten years.  We’ll see that the improvements and changes are good, and that the painful processes were necessary.

All the lessons about loving our husband and our children, making a Christ-like atmosphere in our homes, studying and preparing for a ministry -  it’s all hammered out in the hard trials.  Be ready for it.  Don’t be surprised by it.  Even greater than the kind men who have been in my home, Christ is there all along, whispering assurances to us.

“It will be worth it.  I have a plan.  I know the finished product.  It’s going to be completed.  It’s going to be beautiful.  It’s going to be eternal.”

One day we can be presented before the Lord ~ “Here she is ~ a Woman After God’s Own Heart!”

Stay faithful.  It will be worth it all!

With love,

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