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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks on This Day of Thanksgiving

This Tuesday I had my weekly After School Bible Club with my two little cutie neighbor children (my favorite part of the week!).  I decided I'd tell them the reason I have so much to be thankful for and would share  my personal salvation testimony with them.  I did so using flannelgraph (a first!). 

"There was a little girl named Denise who went to church every Sunday with her parents and sisters.  One Sunday night she heard the preacher talk about Jesus dying on the cross to save us from eternity in hell.  He described hell as a place of darkness and punishment for all those that had not accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.  

When Denise walked out of the church that night, it was dark.  She thought about the pastor saying that hell was dark.  She knew in her heart that she needed Jesus as her Savior, but for some reason, she didn't ask Him into her life that night, but she thought a lot about what she had heard.

Some time later, on her 7th birthday, Denise went to Sunday school and church as she always did on Sunday.  That morning, her Sunday school teacher asked if there was any girl in class who hadn't received Jesus as her Savior but would like to do that today.  Denise's heart beat faster - she knew she must make that decision today! She knew she was a sinner, and that she deserved hell.  But she remembered that Jesus had taken her punishment on the cross! Though it meant staying behind in class while her twin sister went to join their parents for the morning service, Denise waited to talk with the teacher.  As the teacher opened her Bible, she reminded Denise from God's Word that God loved her so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die for her!  If she would believe on Him, she could have eternal life in heaven!  John 3:16  That day, Denise bowed her head and asked Jesus to forgive her sins and become her Savior!  It was the happiest day of her life!

Ever since then, Denise has had a relationship with Jesus.  Every day she talks to Him and learns more about Him in the Bible that she reads.  Oh, how she loves Him!  How thankful she is to have her sins forgiven, and to know that One Day she will go to heaven to be with Him forever!  She'll get to tell Jesus Thank you face to face!  But for now, she can tell Him in her prayers, and she does.  

And on this Thanksgiving Day, she's also telling you, so you can know how to go to heaven too!"

If you have a child near you, why not read this simple story to them?  It's on their level and ability to understand what Jesus has done for them!  Every discipline issue you have with your child is an opportunity to share the Gospel - it's a reminder that their sin is why Jesus came!

I'm so thankful to the Lord that I have a salvation testimony - that I know Him as my Savior.  I pray you know Him, too!  It's simple enough for a child to understand, and it's deep enough that we'll never fully comprehend all that we have in Christ!

Do you have a testimony of salvation?  If not, what's keeping you from bowing your head right now and receiving Him into your heart and life?  


With thanks for you,

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Kellie Wampler Price said...

What a sweet testimony! And what a precious way to share God's love with those children. So thankful for you and your testimony, Denise, and your love for sharing the Word with everyone you meet.