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Friday, November 14, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

If you keep your ears open for long, you'll hear someone say how expensive groceries are getting. Why?  Because it's true!  So, we have to shop smart.  Even if you're not a coupon-er, you can do yourself a favor and help your grocery bill by shopping and stocking up during the sale cycles.

(Most) All foods go on sale at different times during the year.  Right now, with the holiday approaching, baking items ~ pie fillings, evaporated and sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, cake mixes, sugars, and the like will be on sale.  Also, holiday food items like turkey, ham, dressing mixes, whipped toppings, and canned vegetables will be marked down to draw in holiday cooks.  Canned soups - a cold weather food, are also marked down right now.

Soooo, freshen up your pantry AND your pocket book by stocking up, if you're able.  I went to Kroger yesterday and spent a couple weeks worth of my grocery budget to fill my pantry FULL!  I won't have to shop again, except for perishables, for a very long time.  We eat soups for lunch a lot.  Campbell's chunky soups were $1.  That's a really cheap lunch!  Pillsbury Cake mixes were $.50!  Green Giant vegetables, Campbell's creams soups and canned tomatoes were also fifty cents. I use Whole Berry Cranberry sauce for a vinaigrette dressing.  It's expensive in February, but it's marked down in November!   I saved a total of $89 by buying during the sale cycle!

While I was at it,  I reorganized my pantry so I can find everything easily.  This is a part of the homeyness we talked about yesterday.

I love these little chalkboard signs.
They help me to keep things organized in my pantry.

Knowing that the pantry is full and ready for a cold snap or a snowy weekend when you're snowed in, will bring no worries for your household!  Hmmm, sounds like Proverbs 31, doesn't it?  It's not about hoarding, but be prepared and stocking up so you can wisely use the funds the Lord provides.  Even if you can't fill your pantry, just buy a can or two extra so you'll save on next week's groceries.

So freshen up your Friday by knowing that what you need to cook with is ready in your cupboards.  You will have saved money and time...and just think of all the good meals you'll get to share with others!

Be refreshed,


Whitney Pendell said...

Two of my favorite things in one the sales and organization! :) And yeah, stocking your pantry with Kroger sales is probably a better interpretation of that verse. Dad doesn't look good in scarlet anyway. Haha!

Denise said...

You crack me up!