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Monday, October 27, 2014

What's Cookin' in the Country?

We have some serious convalescing going on at our house.  My poor hubby had surgery last Thursday, and has been laid up since then.  He's been up and down, but mostly down.  I am amazed at how hard it's been to do my "normal" routine around home while caring for him.  It's not that he's needing me constantly; he's an independent guy - even when he's sick, but just keeping up with meds, ice pack, and his symptoms has kept me in a whirl.

If it wasn't for a bunch of gracious folks, I'd probably be warming up a pan of Cambell's Soup for our meals.  It is such a blessing to have family and friends step in to bring a dish or fix a pot of soup to get us through another mealtime.  Since I'm the cook at our house and I'm also the well person here, I feel kind of funny receiving these generous doses of compassion, but as I said earlier, it's been difficult to get other things done in a normal amount of time.  My coffee cup was warmed over twice and still unfinished yesterday.  You know what it's like - it's a busy day taking care of someone who has had surgery.

I have shared in the past the kind things others have done for us, but let me give you a few ideas of what others have recently done, in case you know of someone else who might need a meal and you have no idea what to do for them.

  • Pack up breakfast.  Morning time can be hard with getting medications started, showers, etc.  A basket with muffins, yogurt, fruit and granola will be a huge help in starting the day.
  • Not everything has to be homemade.  Sam's sells Panera's soup and it's wonderful.  Buy some bread there to go with the soup.  That's some Comfort food at its best!
  • If you make a brisket or roast for your family, slice off a few pieces and make another container with the veggies you cooked in the meat.  It will be just enough without having a ton of leftovers to deal with.
  • Do you make pies or cookies and freeze them?  This is a great way to serve someone.  They can use it now, or stick it in the freezer for later.  My husband's intake of sweets has been very minimal, but a little slice of pie did him so much good before taking pain meds!   
Blue Ribbon - Homemade Apple Crumb Pie
Watch in an upcoming post for this recipe!
  • If you make a homemade Chicken soup, that's always a comfort to a sick person.
  • How about grabbing lunch for the caregiver?  Someone did that for me the day we brought my husband home from the hospital; it was such a blessing.  
  • Take Out from a restaurant is an easy way to serve others with a meal.  When you're ordering your meal at the restaurant, go ahead and put in a "to-go" order that will be ready to drop off on your way home.
  • Do you know of a food or ingredient that the sick person LOVES?  One sweet friend made homemade cream in the flavor of my husband's choice ~ Peppermint Mocha.  Talk about being spoiled!!!!  Our daughter picked up a pint of her dad's favorite ice cream flavor.  He's only had a little scoop each time, but the cool refreshment has tasted so good to him.

Not everyone is as blessed as we are to have such a caring church family.  Perhaps this post is the little nudge you need to think about someone in your world that could use a meal.  It will be a huge blessing to them.  Why not take one of these suggestions and show up at their door with some loving nourishment?

So thankful,

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