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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Use It!

Aren't cell phones great?  I had no idea how often I used  my phone until I left it plugged into an outlet at home. Yeah.  I realized the mistake when I was too far to turn back and get it.  "I'll be fine for a couple hours without it" I thought.  I'm just doing a little shopping.  Ha!

I stepped into the grocery store. I needed to check that I had all the ingredients for a recipe on Pinterest, but without my phone I couldn't do that.

I always keep a running balance on the calculator on my phone, but without my phone I couldn't do that.

I thought of sending a picture of an item I found that I knew my daughter would be interested in, but without my phone I couldn't do that.

My store loyalty card is on my phone, but without my phone I couldn't use it.

I was going to check the time, but without my phone I couldn't do that either.

On and on it went until I was reunited with my Android several hours later.  Wow! I use my phone a lot!

Sunday at church I heard my husband say, "You know Scripture; you memorize Scripture, but do you use Scripture?"  Good question.  It has made me really stop and consider whether I handle Scripture as often as I do my phone?  We can think ourselves doing pretty well because we've had our devotions today and maybe even memorized a verse.  We set our Bible on its shelf, and go our merry way, forgetting to take it with us so that we might use it all day long!

What would using the Bible look like?  If we would USE Scripture each day, we would:

  • Think (meditate on) Scripture:
    • when we're afraid
    • when we get "bad news"
    • when we hear gossip
    • when we have doubts about our abilities
    • when we're tempted
    • when we don't know what to do next
    • when we can't go to sleep
  • Say Scripture
    • when we discipline our children
    • when we give advice
    • when we pray
    • when tempted to sin
    • when we seek to encourage
    • when we witness
    • when we defend our faith
    • when we speak
I'm asking the Lord to help me to use Scripture better and more frequently, rather than letting it sit dormant on my heart.  It's always charged and ready to apply.  I just need to use it more often!

How are you doing at using the Scripture you know?  

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Anonymous said...

What we love to behold is what we worship. What we spend our time be holding shapes our hearts and molds us into the people we are. What happens to our souls when we spend so much time beholding the glowing screens of our phones? The way we interact online becomes the norm for how we interact offline. Psalm 115:4-8, Romans 1:18-27, Colossians 3:10. We are a distracted culture, habituated to shallow friendships, distracted to limited focus and ignorant of personal finitude, we embrace the multitasking myth of trying to be in two places and having limitless knowledge at our fingertips. 2 John 12 Paul speaks of using paper and ink but would rather speak face to face. We have lost that embodiment of close personal relationships. 2Corinthians 3:18