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Friday, October 24, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

No doubt about it - we are coffee people at our house!  Morning coffee isn't a question.  It is expected!  There have been times while my husband and I have traveled and coffee isn't offered or available.  When we were in Israel I was thankful I'd taken some instant coffee with us, because it just wasn't available at restaurants.  We've also been on retreats and found there was no coffee pot in our housing.  Sadness!

Soooo, we have been on the hunt for a small coffee maker that we could take in our suitcases!  Some dear friends who travel all over the world told us about the AeroPress Coffee Maker.  We recently bought one at Bed Bath and Beyond for under $30.  Wow!  It makes a great cup of coffee, and all you need is hot water!  The coffee is made with real coffee ~ not instant granules, and it's made in about 3 minutes!

I found a couple of helpful videos like this one that helped me understand the best way to brew the coffee.  By the way, most videos say to add more hot water after the brewing process.

Now the only other thing I need to pack is my little package of creamer, and I can rest well at night when I'm away from home, knowing that a perfect cup of coffee is definitely in my morning routine - no matter where I am!  That's the best way to freshen up ANY day!

Stay refreshed,


Jane Lebo said...

I have an Aeropress and use it to make latte's at home! MUCH cheaper than Starbucks, and they taste super good too :)

Denise said...

Thanks, Jane! Here's the link Jane used to make a great latte!

Whitney Pendell said...

Wow! That's awesome! I feel better knowing you have access to coffee wherever you are.

Denise said...

Me too!

Denise said...
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