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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Choose Your Hard

A little look at Grove Park Inn's Breakfast Buffet

I'm not one for buffets.  They overwhelm me.  Most of them have generic tasting food that's just so-so.  HOWEVER, Grove Park Inn in Asheville is another story entirely!  Their breakfast buffet is worth the price and the calories once a year.  Every food out there is done at its best.

One room is full of breads, muffins, croissants, pastries, donuts, granola, yogurt, and fruit.  You could stop right there and have a full breakfast.  But if you did, you'd miss out on the hot food in the next room!  They have an omelet bar where they will fix your omelet to your liking.  There are meats like sausage, bacon, pork tenderloin, and ham.  There's gravy for grits and biscuits, French Toast, potato wedges, cheese grits, pancakes, fried apples, and my favorite - Cheese Blintz with warm fruit compote!

How foolish would it be to pay for the buffet and then only eat the dry toast?  You'd probably hear from me that you need to go and help yourself to all the other delicacies offered!  I'd probably list them for you as I did earlier!  Why?  I don't want you to miss out!

Spiritually, we're often tempted to nibble a little here and there after salvation.  We might take a little "bite of toast" or a "sample of a muffin," by reading a little devotional booklet before our day, but we never dig deep into God's Word to study or memorize.  We don't ground ourselves with Doctrine.  We don't come to know our Bible or its Author.

Because it's too hard.
That would require work.  That's hard.
That would require me to get up early.  That's hard.
The would mean I'd have to work at Scripture memory.  That's hard.

Consider this:

Scripture memory is hard!  Not having verses to repeat in the night watches is hard.  
Getting up early to have my Bible study is hard!  Going through your day in your flesh is hard.
Going to be earlier is hard!  Trying to accomplish God’s will while fatigued is hard.  
Finding time for Christian fellowship is hard.  Isolating yourself is hard!  

We could go on and on.  You make the application.  Spiritual growth is a choice.  Will we pull ourselves up to the Buffet God offers us, or will we settle for so much less?

In regards to spiritual growth, what is hard for you?

Because I care,


Anonymous said...

Great analogy! I'm ashamed to admit when it comes to God's word, I tend to choose the easy or "light" approach. I will not quit no matter how hard I make it on myself.

Denise said...

It will be so worth the "Hard" effort and you'll reap eternal benefits!