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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

Nest~ing.  verb (used without object) ~ to build or have a nest.

My definition?  The art of making a house a home.

It's all the rearranging of furniture, pictures and decor so the room calls you in.  It's the addition of pillows and throws and footstools to make your guests comfortable.  It's a candle burning just to make the kitchen cozy and a lamp lit - not for reading, but for atmosphere.  It's what women do because God made us nesters.

I've recently been stuck on adding decorative touches to my powder room ~ the half bath that our guests use.  Because it's small, I didn't want to add anything to the walls that is too bulky, for fear it would be in the way.  I searched and searched before deciding on going with a bird theme in there.  I found the Vinyl Wall Decor at Hobby Lobby on half price.  Rather than using words, I found a tree branch and birds.  Perfect!  It went with the theme and it was flat!

I used two mirrors I already had and painted them gray and yellow to go with the decor.  Then after looking for a picture that fit the style of the room and was a bird themed, I hung this picture.  Though it may seem a little small, I'm happy with it because of what's hanging on the other walls.  It seems least for now.

As noted on the picture, I had received that adorable note card from a sweet friend.  I loved it so much that I knew I was going to keep it and do something special with it.  Then I found the frame at TJ Maax and put a piece of burlap behind it.  Talk about low budget decorating!!!  There it is.

I have a wreath hanging on the bathroom door so I can point guests to the correct "room" by saying, it's the door down the hall with the wreath hanging on it.  

I like how the mirrors reflect the wreath.
I had one more little bird from the vinyl decor
and decided he needed to "perch"on top of the mirror.  

So, my "nesting" in this room is complete (for the moment!).  It makes my heart smile to do the what's needed to make a room feel complete.  Now, I'm off to another room!

What do you to add to the nesting in your home?

With love from my country porch,

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