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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Keep Your heart in Tune

The piano tuner is here.  The "music" that's coming from the living room doesn't sound like the beautiful chords I heard last weekend when my girls were skillfully playing. Instead, it's reminiscent of the girl's early days of playing Seal C.  Middle C was the only note in the song.  Yeah, it was lovely.

"Can this guy even play the piano?"  I wondered.  He is pecking out one half step at a time, playing each note with one hand, while the other hand is inside the open top of the instrument.

Strike the key.
Strike the key.

Ooo.  it's off.  It sounds like a sick seal! My brow wrinkles.

Then the tuner's hand inside the piano takes his tuning lever to tighten the string.  He starts again...

Strike the key.

Now it's just right.

He moves on to the next key.

This procedure continues all the way up the keyboard until every note is perfectly in tune.

As he continues the painful process, a song from my childhood comes to mind.

"Whisper a prayer in the morning. 
Whisper a prayer at noon.  
Whisper a prayer in the evening 
to keep you heart in tune.

What a tuning lever is to my piano, continual prayer is to my heart. We're told in I Thessalonians 5:17 to- Pray without ceasing.  Without constant communion with the Lord, the sounds coming from my life sound off.  Sin goes unchecked.  My thoughts, words and actions that don't line up with God's Word, and are a clinking sound instead of being melodic.

Constant communion with God isn't walking around with a prayer shawl over our heads, but it's taking every care, every decision, every need to the Lord the moment it happens.  We are to stay in an attitude of prayer, ready to whisper our need or praise to Him at any moment all through the day and night.

As we stay in constant communion with the Lord, the Spirit of God lays His finger on a sin in my heart and says, "Right here is sin."  Like the tuners lever, the conviction isn't pleasant, but when I admit it and call it what God calls it, there is music as my heart is once again in tune.  What a sweet song there is then!

Before the tuner left our house, he stopped his clunking, and actually played a song ~ beautifully.  "He can play that piano!" I thought.  Now every note was in pitch with the next and the music was much sweeter because of his masterful work with the tuning lever.

I smiled.  Being in tune is a blessing in music and in hearts!

Are you "in tune" today?  If not, whisper a prayer.

With love,

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