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Friday, September 12, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

I love to freshen up the elements that are a part of the tasks I do each day.  It makes the tasks have an element of enjoyment that would be missing otherwise.  Let's take for instance, baking and cooking.  How many times do you and I reach for the salt box to add a teaspoon to our recipes?  LOTS, right?  Why not do something to simplify and embellish that part of the chore?

For years I've had a little red dish to pour salt into.  It had a plastic lid to cover it and it sat right on my counter and was at my disposal.  It worked great, but I recently got a gift from a friend - some vintage Fiesta wear that she found at an antique store.  Part of the collection was a darling yellow creamer.  Inside the box was also a random blue lid.  Bingo!  I knew how I'd use that little guy!

Isn't that adorable?  It just makes me happy to see it sitting on my counter!  It's now filled with my salt and is ready every time I'm baking or cooking.  I just pop the lid off and scoop out what I need.

If you have your salt in the box it was sold in, I'd suggest that you freshen up your kitchen chores by finding something pretty to put it in.  It'll make your cooking one step easier with not having to open the cupboard and get the salt box out.  Plus you'll smile every time you see that pretty dish you choose!  Maybe you have a sugar bowl just stuck away in your china cabinet that you could use for your salt (inform your family that it's not sugar - unless you do it close to April Fool's day!).  Get creative and see what cute dish you can find!

Do you already use a dish for salt?  What is it store in?

See you in church!

Stay refreshed,


Whitney Pendell said...

You know I love that little dish and lid! So cute! I keep salt in the sugar dish that matches my blue and white dishes- it's easier to grab a pinch that way! :)

Denise said...

I'll tuck away the comment about you loving that little dish. Maybe I'll pass it on SOME day when I'm feeling generous. =)