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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Decision Making Made Easy

It was a simple little task ~ go through the line at the local fresh Mexican food restaurant and order a salad for my lunch.  I told the lady at the beginning of the "assembly" line I'd like a salad.

"What kind of bowl would you like?  Fried shell or plastic bowl?"
"Plastic, please."
"What kind of lettuce?  Spinach, Bibb, Romaine or a mix of all three?"
"All three would be great."
"Beans and rice?"
"No, thanks."
The questions continued with the next person who served up my salad.  I was asked about:
Sour cream

I about needed a nap after I paid!  Okay, maybe, just maybe that's a little extreme, but it is pretty comical to hear all the decisions one has to make just order food!  Those were easy decisions.  All I had to do was choose what I like.

In making harder decisions, it's not such a simple ordeal, is it?  If I want God's best, I know that I need to seek His face about each issue.  It really doesn't matter what I like in matters of my life.  I have a God who knows what is best for me, so I must take these issues to Him.

Elizabeth George suggests making a list of four questions for hard decisions.  These questions will reveal your motive:

  1. Why would I do this?
  2. Why wouldn't I do this?
  3. Why should I do this?
  4. Why shouldn't I do this?
Let's say it's a job offer you're praying about.  

  1. Why would I do this? - I need a job!  It's in a good location.  This is the only offer I've had in months.  
  2. Why wouldn't I do this?  It will keep me away from home when my children get in from school.  The pay isn't terrific.  I don't particularly love what I'd be doing.  I would love to work with children somewhere.
  3. Why should I do this?  We could use the money.  
  4. Why shouldn't I do this?  My kids would be on their own for two hours after school.  
If you're married, the next move would be to slide up to your husband and ask what he thinks you should do.  That may end your decision making right there.  He may say,"Go for it!" or perhaps he'll say, "I don't think that's the best idea."  Whichever way, submit to his guidance.  

If you're not married, get the counsel of your pastor or a godly woman.  They may see things you do not.

Some other tips:
  1. Keep praying about it.  Talk out the four questions with God.  Sit and listen to His Spirit whispering to you.  Don't make a decision until you have peace from Him.
  2. Connect the things that happen next after you pray! 
I was recently praying about whether or not the Lord would have me accept an invitation to go speak somewhere.  My flesh was mixed about it.  Knowing the long preparations for speaking, I sighed.  Thinking of the joy of ministering to ladies, I smiled.  What was I to do?  

After praying, I opened up my prayer journal and was putting some pages away.  Tucked inside the notebook, I came across a sheet of paper where I had written, "Blessings of Trip."  I wondered what this was.  I pulled out the piece of paper.  Here was a page full of blessings I'd recorded the last time I'd gone to this very place to speak!  My heart flooded over as I recounted all that God had done that weekend.  Was it an accident or coincidental that I came across that piece of paper right after praying about that very place?  No.  I made the connection with my prayer.  I had peace from the Lord.  My husband also has peace about it. Decision made.  I'm going.

Decision-making made easy is simply taking it to God in prayer, then waiting for Him to answer and direct.  D.L. Moody said,“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”   There's no fear in making a decision when you remember that God knows what is ahead and will direct you to make the right choice!  But when it comes to ordering at the restaurant, take an energy-boosting vitamin before you go, and then just get what you like!


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