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Thursday, August 28, 2014

God's Amazing Grace Extended

There's a snapshot, a "MentalGram," if you will, in my mind that probably will never be forgotten.

A courtroom hallway.
A bench along the windows.
A distressed looking man, seated with his head down between his knees, looking worried or overwhelmed with something.

The man seated here was the driver of the car who hit our daughter and son-in-law nearly head-on in February.

This event/picture took place this week as we came to the courtroom for the final hearing and sentencing for this man who nearly took his own life, and that of two young people, because he was foolish enough to

  1. Drink alcohol
  2. Get behind the wheel of a car drunk

The "picture" progresses as I walked towards him and the Holy Spirit nudged my heart to speak to him.  Oh, I'd had had LOTS of conversations in my mind with him since the moment I learned of the car crash!  I'd given him a piece of my mind, telling him sharply exactly how I felt about a man who was so desperate that he would disregard anyone else and selfishly risk others' lives so he might have a little pleasure!   But now, upon the impression of the Spirit of God, I stood before him, alone.

I had wondered what he'd look like.  How old he was.  Now here I was standing in front of him, seeing the answers to my questions.  He looked distressed.  He looked old.

I called his name.

He looked up, inquiring.  "My name is Denise.  My daughter is the young woman in the car that you crashed into."  He reached out and shook my hand, tentatively.  "I came to tell you that while I hate what you have done, I do not hate you.  What you said in the courtroom about it being a miracle that you're alive?  It is true.  I believe God has allowed this for a purpose that you might come to know Him.  If those two young people would've died, they have an assurance that they would've gone to heaven.  I'm giving you this to read that you might learn how you can have that same assurance."

I handed him The Exchange tract.

"Oh, in all the things I've lost I've never lost my faith," was his reply.

"Sir, you need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Walk with Him.  Come to know Him."

He nodded.

I walked away.

I sat later amazed again at God's grace that would enable me to stand and speak to this man who had brought such pain and suffering to two innocent lives and their families.  I had no strength of my own to do this.  All the credit goes to my Savior - I know what kind of actions and words my heart had dreamed about in the recent months!

A friend posted this on our son-in-law's Facebook page - 

Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace, 
freely bestowed on all who believe!

Yes, His grace IS marvelous.  It will lead a person to believe on Christ for salvation.  It will also help a believer to extend to others the same forgiveness they have received.  



Have you received God's grace?  It's extended to all who believe.  
Do you need to extend that grace to others who have hurt you?  It's possible.  It's necessary.  It's freeing. So very freeing.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.” 
― Corrie ten Boom



Anonymous said...

You seem a little prideful!

Denise said...

I'm sorry if I came across that way. I deal with pride too often. I did say in the post that God gets all the glory. I know my heart, and I can do NOTHING without God's enabling power. He gets all the praise.