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Friday, August 15, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

If you were my neighbor, you would know by watching us that we LOVE being outside!  We have spent as much time as possible on our front and back porches this spring and summer, and have loved every minute of it!  We haven't eaten supper in the house in a very long time.  If it's hot, we turn the porch ceiling fan on.  If it's raining, the covered back porch keeps us dry.  If it's too sunny, we lower the shade.  We swing, we rock, we play in the yard, we take naps on the swing that lays back, we play games on the patio table, and we eat our meals out there.

Because we enjoy our yard so much, I've tried to make it inviting.  But then, maybe we enjoy it because it is inviting.  In April, Southern Living Magazine had pictures of a backyard that caught my attention.  Because our yard is so deep, I wanted to break it up somehow.  The picture in the magazine got me inspired enough to come up with a plan.  I'm dividing the yard into thirds.  The first third, closest to the back porch will be a manicured yard with grass, benches, bird bath, and a path leading to the backyard.  But I needed a focal point.

Enter...Alli's wedding pergola that was sitting in its deconstructed state with no home! A talented man in our church (who would never be caught dead or alive reading this blog b/c it's for women) made this pergola per Alli's request.  (Tell him we love it, Angie!)  Alli and her husband live in an apartment with no yard, so, I'm "taking care of it" for them.  I know, isn't that nice of me? =)

This week on one of my husband's "days to rest" (ha), he got out there and put it together!

What a husband!
It was no easy task to do this alone, or with the help of a 4'9" wife, but he did it!

So now this is the focal point for the yard!  Behind it will be the rest of the 2/3 of the yard for volleyball, croquet and maybe a few raised beds for herbs.  This will be  a work in progress for the next several years, but I love that we have gotten things rolling!

I bought 2 climbing rose bushes to ascend up the sides of the arbor.  Even though the bushes are small right now, I can already envision it covered with blooms up to the top!

My encouragement to you to freshen up your Friday is to look at your yard - small or big, and think of something you could add to make it more inviting.  Even if you just have a small deck or patio off your apartment - what could you do to make it a liveable space?  Consider:

  • Add a small table where you could eat breakfast
  • Add small lanterns that are solar powered
  • Buy some plants right now to add some color that will take you into fall.  I bought a hanging plant this week on sale for $3 at Lowe's!
  • Other outdoor furniture pieces are on sale right now.  Could your yard or porch use a pergola or a small bench?
  • Sweep off your porch/patio. Add a brightly colored rug.  
  • Put a couple comfy chairs out so you could sit out there and read God's Word in the morning while its cool.
  • Add a birdbath, birdhouse or wind chimes.
Make a plan and add a little at a time.  Make
your yard a place to which you love to escape. 
 We can't always go away, but we can go home!  
Make it your favorite place!

Stay refreshed,


Whitney Pendell said...

I looked for a new mat for my front door this weekend but didn't find one I liked. But Paul and I hosed what seemed like inches of red clay off the carport today, so the front does look a little better! Thanks for your tips. :)

Denise said...

Ha! It's amazing what just a little sprucing up can do! I find pretty rugs at Tuesday Mornings. I also spotted some sturdy, colorful ones at Kirklands for $15 this weekend, if you're thinking of getting a new one.