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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Get a Job!

Not long after the ceremonial moving of the graduation tassel from the right side to the left of the cap, most graduates have one goal in mind - find a job.  It's time for them to take all they've learned in the gaining of their education and put it into good use!  Oh, the accountant may have to flip a few burgers before he finds a place that will take on a rookie, and the school teacher may have to work in a day care before she finds a position, but they'll get busy working until there's an opening elsewhere.

The is a true test of maturity, isn't it?  In the same way, after a person receives Christ as their Savior, they begin to take in the Word of God.  They gain a little education about the Bible and all they have in Christ.  Not long after, it's time to take the next step in maturity - they need to get a the church!  Sadly, however, there are many well educated folks sitting in pews who have stuffed themselves with knowledge, but aren't using it to work for the Lord.  They're wasting all that the Lord has taught them when they won't go looking for a job to do!

Tell me, friend, are you busy serving the Lord in your local church?  Don't think it's beneath you to work in the nursery, help with Vacation Bible Club, or clean the kitchen after a fellowship.  Get busy doing something and let the Lord open other doors for you.  If teaching is your gift, use it!  If serving is your love, do it!  There are many job openings waiting to be filled in your church.  Hang your graduation tassel on the mirror of the car and go apply for a position!  It's time to be mature and get to work!

With love,


DaveB! said...

Good word!

The problem in most churches today is that they put people to work before they have had time to mature in their Christian walk.

As you so gracefully pointed out, part of the reason this occurs is because too many "mature" Christians remain seated in the pews and let it happen.

Denise said...

Yes, the mature believers need to be in the roles of teaching and leading. I do think there's a place for young Christians to serve, too. Nursery help, assisting a children's class, serving, etc. These are good places to start...then keep progressing to other positions of leadership.

Thanks for stopping by to comment!