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Friday, July 18, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

This is a picture of our Salsarita's lunch outside.
I think most of us wait and dream about summertime.  In the middle of a cold, snowy winter we're daydreaming about walks outside, barbecues in the backyard and a picnic at the park.  I'm so glad summertime is here!!!!!  Woo hoo!

I am enjoying this summer season so much!  How? Well...

  • I try to be outside as much as possible.  
    • I walk outside when I'm talking on the phone at home.
    • I serve our meals outside on the back porch nearly every single day.  
    • I choose outside places to read and rest.
And lastly, (and my suggestion to freshen up your Friday)
    • If there is outdoor seating at a restaurant, we always ask to sit outside.  I'm always surprised that there's seldom anyone else out there with us.  Why not opt for a seat under a shady umbrella table?  You'll be surprised how cool it is, even if the temps are hot.  
So sit outside when you eat at a restaurant this weekend.  Enjoy the breeze.  Enjoy the warm temps and tuck away a memory you can dream back on this winter when the snow flies!

What are you loving most about summer?

Be refreshed,


Whitney Pendell said...

I love sitting in the AC during summer. :)

Denise said...

Party pooper! =)