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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Changing the Look On Your Face!

Not long ago, I was wanting to snap a picture on my computer's web cam.  So, I furrowed my brow and started looking at all the apps, hunting for the web cam one.  Finally I found it, and I clicked on it.  A couple minutes passed and then suddenly, the camera was projecting my face - furrowed brow and all!  It was as frightening as seeing something crawl towards you in a dark basement!  The camera revealed my concentrating, searching expression and it was not pretty!  Once I realized the camera was on me, I "straightened up my face" and replaced the scowl with a smile!

On a recent trip to Dollywood - the area's amusement park, it was really surprising to me how many happy moms I bumped into!  Everyone seemed to being having a 'good day."  That's kind of sad to say, isn't it?  But think about it - when you've been out in public how many moms with her children in tow are smiling?  How many are speaking to her offspring in sweet tones?  It's been my experience that they are few and far between.  Most are agitated, grumpy and demanding.  Scowls are the prominent facial expression.  I'll call it "The Mommy Look."  When she speaks, there are a few sighs peppering the conversation to show her deep frustration with her children.

When I see a mom out in public that looks as I just described, I wonder if her disposition would change if she realized she was being watched - if she knew the "camera was on her face," so to speak.  Would she "straighten up her face" and turn the scowl into a smile?

I understand, moms.  I've been down your road.  I know there are days that you wonder if you'll ever get that child trained, if you'll ever see them turn towards the Lord, or if they'll ever have a compliant attitude.  At times I'd forget that the the Lord had his "camera" on me and I'd scowl at my girls.  I'd scowl at the cat.  I'd scowl at the hard days of motherhood.  How sad and how scary!

The Lord's camera on our face isn't to shame us, but to reveal what's really in our heart.  Motherhood isn't about changing our children; it's about changing us.  Motherhood reveals what's in our hearts.  That shouldn't be scary - that should be a good thing, revealing a smiling face, rather than a scowl.

It starts early in the morning, before the children arise.  The first way to change your facial expression is to change your heart.  A mom on her knees before the Lord will certainly wear His image on her face through the day!  Get up, spend time in the Word and prayer.  Get a change in your behavior so that it will influence your face!  His camera is on you and He can change the look on your face when He changes your heart!

The second practical suggestion I have for moms is to ask the Lord to help you be aware of your facial expression and tone of voice.  Think about what your face looks like when you're correcting or instructing.  Is it necessary to knit your eyebrows together?  How is your tone when you're asking your son to do a task?  Make it sweet; that's how the Lord calls to us, isn't it?

So, careful - there's a camera on you today.  Take a peek into your heart and see if you  need to change the look on your face!

How do you ensure that you have time with the Lord each day in the midst of being a busy mom?

With love,

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