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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blessings of God At Work

"How have you seen God at work in your life this week?" is a question my husband asks people all the time.  I wonder how many times we miss what He is doing?  Too often, I'm afraid.  Maybe it's because we just don't give the Lord credit for what is going on around us.  We chalk it up as coincidence or something else humanistic, rather than Divine.

I saw and heard of God at work at least three times yesterday (aside from my quiet time when He spoke to me in His Word)!  The first time was when someone wanted to share a handmade gift  ~ so beautiful and so thoughtful.  It was an early Christmas present!  Who but the Lord would prompt someone so early?!  Her touch of kindness came when I was pretty low, and it meant more than I could even tell her.  I considered her thoughtfulness a hug from the Lord.

A little later I spoke with someone on the phone and they shared a blessing with me, and I witnessed God at work in her life!  It seems that she'd gotten a card in the mail that contained all the elements needed to send her and her husband on a date!  The sender said "the Lord put them on her heart and wanted to send this gift to them to be obedient." How thoughtful!  Look at what God did!

The third time I saw God at work was when I came home from grocery shopping to find most of what is in this picture above sitting on my front porch.  There was also a tub FULL of blackberries!  What a sweet, thoughtful gesture for a friend from church to stop and leave that produce for us!  We will enjoy it all!

My first thought when I saw the treasure trove of produce was to burst out in tears - happy ones, thankful ones, rejoicing ones.  God is so good to put it on the heart of someone to be a blessing to us in this way!  They may have had cucumbers coming out their ears, but they didn't have to take the time to share them with us, but they did because God was at work!  

These gifts brought encouragement on days when they were needed.  How special just to be thought of! Just for someone to take the time to say they wanted to be a blessing.  Just to know that the Lord had put us on their hearts was a reminder that our God is at work in our lives every single day!  Sometimes He uses His children to reach out in a simple, thoughtful way to communicate His love.  I'm already thinking about what I can do to be a blessing tomorrow!

With whom would the Lord have you demonstrate His care?  Take a look around you.  What do you have that you could share with a friend?

  • Flowers from your yard
  • Fresh produce
  • A book you've just read
  • A card you wrote
  • A phone call to pray with them
  • Something freshly baked from your kitchen
The possibilities are limitless.  Has the Lord put someone on your heart?  This is another simple way to obey Hebrews 13 and entertain strangers.  Reach out to whomever the Lord lays on your heart.  They will see God at work through you!

Has the Lord put someone on your heart today?  You can show someone that God is at work in their lives ~ and He could use you to be the reminder!

And of some have compassion, making a difference:
Jude 1:22

With love,

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