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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


A quick walk through the house and you sigh...the floor is dirty again?  The hamper is overflowing again?  The sink is full of dishes again?  Yes, yes, and yes!  Housework is a cycle that never ends.  You know why?  Because of life's cycle.

Our families walk, run, crawl, and skip across the floors.  We play and work.  We eat an ice cream and dirty our clothes.  We bathe and use towels and washcloths.  We cook and pile up prep dishes.  We feed our families and use plates, bowls and glasses.  It is a cycle that never stops.

Life's cycle brings work cycles, and work is a gift from God.  He ordained it in the garden - before sin.  It is a good thing!  It was His idea and His plan for our lives.

Therefore, we have two choices:

  • Grumble
    • We don't like to work!
    • We get angry at those that make the messes!
    • We are tired of people tracking through the house!
    • We would like to have a day free of cleaning!
    • We wish we were on a deserted island somewhere!
    • We don't like have to do the same work again!

  • Be thankful 

    • we have the breath to live and complete the cycle.  
    • we have strength to work.
    • we have clothes to wear and get dirty.
    • we have food to eat .
    • we have health to walk, run and play.
    • we have a soap, a mop and a washing machine to help with the work.
    • we have  a family to make the messes.
What kind of impact would grumbling have on your family?  What difference would a thankful spirit bring to your home?  Now, it's up to us to make the choice.

Pray for the person whose clothes you are folding.  
Thank God for one who tracked in the dusty footprints to walk with God today.
As you're cooking a meal, feed on God's Word by listening to the Bible on your computer or phone.  Pray for a creative way you can feed God's Word to your family today.

The only thing that will lighten our work load 
is a having a grateful spirit!  

Try it today and see what happens!  It will refresh you and those for whom you are doing the work!

With love,