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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

A Peek Into My Life This Week

If you've followed along for the last six weeks, you've seen the progression of pictures from our new ladies' ministry, Apples of Gold. Yesterday was the last of our six lessons.  What a great time we had as we learned about Hospitality.

It was my goal to teach how to prepare a meal ahead of time so that having guests on Sunday after church is do-able.  I shared recipes that can be made and frozen -

Countryside Chicken Bake
Scalloped Pineapple
Green Beans
30 Minute Rolls
Chocolate Mint Roulade

As I was encouraging the ladies to do as much ahead as possible so that they can make their guests know they planned for them, I opened the refrigerator door to pull out the Chocolate sauce for dessert.  As the door opened, a decorative glass decanter with faux apples inside came crashing down, hitting the door and breaking into lots of little sharp pieces.  I was stunned, not even knowing what happened or how.  Then, everyone stepped into motion to help pick up the bigger pieces of glass.  Thankful that my husband and son-in-law were at home, I beckoned for their help so that the ladies could go into the living room and have our book lesson.  The men were gracious to clean up all the remains of glass while we sat down to discuss hospitality. 

My first words were, "Sometimes the best laid plans fall through and you have to roll with the punches!"  It was a good lesson for all of us.  Being hospitable doesn't mean that disasters won't happen.  But when they do, you can't let it upset you.  You count your blessings instead.

  • No food was out on the counter, so glass didn't get into our meal that I'd prepared!  
  • The jar with the fudge sauce didn't get broken (I would've cried about that!).  
  • No one got hurt.    

So if your roast burns when you have guests, or the rolls don't rise, or the jello doesn't set, you move on with a smile and know that it's okay!  Make the best of it and don't let it get you ruffled.

Since this was our last class  I've made two collages, first of the ladies and some of our times together.

 I don't have pictures of the folks who helped behind the scenes, like our secretary, who made the copies of the recipes for all the ladies, and helped with other printed materials.  Thank you, Jane.

We had child-care workers - Hannah Groce and Bev Yoder, who met the moms and little ones at the church and took care of them for three hours while their mommies were having a blast, laughing, and eating yummy foods learning helpful things.  Thank you, both so much!

There were some who contributed gifts of crocheted dish cloths and fresh flowers for our tables.  We love you, Ellie and Hope!  Thank you!

This next collage is some of the food we enjoyed!  Wow.  Maybe the next class should be a fitness program!

What a special blessing this class has been for all of us.  I thank the Lord for the lessons He has taught us and for the relationships that were built during these six weeks.  I'm praying that in the early fall we'll be able to do this again.  BCBC members, will you pray about being a mentor or a student?

In your exploits of showing hospitality have you had any "disasters"?  

With love from my country porch,

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