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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

A Peek Into My life This Week

Recently when a visitor was leaving our Sunday services, she stopped to speak with me.  She has seen some of my Facebook pictures of outings my husband and I have been privileged to take.  As she was leaving she made this comment to me:  "Now that you have an empty nest, you and your husband just go all over the place, trying new places and having fun."  I think she has the impression that she sees those status updates as the norm of our days.  However, what she sees are some outings on his day off.  Other excursions are an occasional weekend away, or a conference in another state.
A view on a recent "intentional" afternoon away.

It's in those status updates that I share the highlights of our lives.  How wonderful to "escape" for a few hours to see a beautiful spot or try a new restaurant.  Those are the highs, but not the norm of every day or even every week.  

What isn't seen is the day to day ministry routines.  I'm not one to post about each call away, each visit we make or each ministry opportunity.  They are the norm and are the blessings of our lives.  It is my husband's life's call, therefore mine, too.  We share it together and enjoy it more than I can even express in words.  We endeavor to pepper those times with fun - to stop alongside the road for a view of the beauty we're passing on our way to a visit.  We may enjoy a shared ice cream cone or a sweet tea as we travel to make a hospital call.  We hold hands in the car, and chat as we go from place to place.  Those are the intentional moments we enjoy in our busy ministry lives.  It's with intention that we stop to enjoy the moments that the Lord allows along the way.

I hope that others view my life on Facebook and in person and see that we love the life God has given us.  We enjoy the marriage that we vowed to one another.  And we enjoy each day - hum-drum or exciting, each day is a blessing and a gift from God!

What are you doing to intentionally make today a memorable one?

With love from my country porch,

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