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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

A Peek into My life this week:

If you could have peek in from the porch yesterday you would've seen us enjoying the next to last lesson in our Apples of Gold mentoring group!  Every single week together has been so much fun!  Our hearts seem to get knit closer with each cooking lesson, each time around the Word, and each lunch shared.  I love it when the ladies are able to hang around a bit afterwards and share their hearts, ask questions, and just visit.  I'm going to miss these weekly sessions when they're over!

This week was all about "Rolling in the dough."  Who doesn't like to do that, especially when it involves homemade pizza and an Apple Tart?!

Here's a peek into our time together:

Click to enlarge
The first picture shows the appetizer one of the mentors brought - Bruschetta.  It was delicious!  The first task at hand was rolling out homemade pizza dough (picture 2), then cooking them on the grill (pictures 3, 4 and 5).  The gas grill gave the dough great flavor.  We each rolled out our own pizza dough, then added the toppings of our choice.

Along with the pizza, we had Caesar Salad (without anchovies).  Such a simple salad, but full of flavor!  

Dessert was an Apple Tart.  It's much quicker than a pie, and every bit as good!  The homemade crust is a simple-to-do task because it can be made in a food processor.  In a matter of a few minutes it is ready to roll out!  I unfortunately failed to get a picture of the finished tart...maybe because we were eager to eat it!  Here's what it looked like when it was about ready for the oven...

Our lesson was on purity.  These were such good reminders of the warnings and guidance from the Scriptures to stay pure in heart and life!

Be sure to check here on Monday for the recipe and instructions for the Grilled pizzas.  It's so much faster than most doughs!  I have some of the it in the freezer, testing to see if it will bake up well after being frozen.  I'll let you know the results on Monday's post!

In the meantime, what's been happening near your porch this week?

With love from my country porch,

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