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Friday, June 20, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

Sometimes it's just the little things that make my day, like a glass bottle on my bathroom sink.  Yeah, I'm a bit odd like that.  But the truth is, I don't like lots of "stuff" on the counter in the bathroom. What is on there needs to be pretty.  I dislike bottles of lotions, toothpaste, or makeup out cluttering up the space.  So I'm always trying to think of either clever ways to disguise the containers or good storage ideas.

I like using a mouthwash, but I didn't want to leave that ugly bottle sitting out, but if it's not out where I can see it, I forget to use it!!  So, I looked at TJ Maxx for a pretty bottle to pour it into.  I found this one for $4!  I brought it home, washed it out and poured the remainder of the mouthwash into it.  Now it'll look pretty and be in plain view so I won't forget to rinse after brushing!

I know this isn't genius, but like I said, sometimes it's just the little things that make you smile.  If your bathroom counter is cluttered up, why not look for pretty ways to display the necessary creams and liquids.  You might want to label the bottles if you have more than one.  You don't want to rinse your mouth with rubbing alcohol.  =)  That could turn a smiling day into a puckering one!

Stay refreshed,


Whitney Pendell said...

Love that! I have a glass jar sitting out to hold our q-tips.

Denise said...

Oh! I passed my OCD on to you! Just kidding. Yes, it's all the things like that that need a home. Good tip!

Lynsey said...

I decided to use you idea this week and put my husband's mouthwash in a mason jar! It looks so much better!!

Denise said...

Well, that was clever!