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Friday, June 13, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

Happy Friday, friends.  I'm a happy girl today because I'm home!  California is a nice place to visit, but home is the best place in the whole wide world!

It's getting increasingly harder for me to go away for these long stretches because I begin to miss home after just a couple of days!  I literally have to discipline myself when I'm away not to think about home, or else I could cry like an elementary age girl who's away at church camp!  I don't apologize for being a homebody.  God is the One Who created home, and it's meant to be a haven.  I just never want it to keep me from serving in other places where the Lord would direct us.

When I walked in the door of my house yesterday my heart smiled.  I love this place.  It's the place where my family gathers.  It's where we share meals, secrets, laughter and sorrows.  It's a place of comfort.  It's where we can rest, be refreshed and encouraged after long days of ministry.

After we unpacked, I warmed up the supper my thoughtful daughter made for us, then my husband made a pot of coffee and I set to making his favorite granola.  We were running low, and I wanted to be sure he'd have some for this morning's breakfast (it's one of my demonstrations of my love for him!).  Soon the house not only looked like home, but also smelled like home - coffee and cinnamon.  My heart smiled again.

As the homemaker, you and I set the atmosphere.  The decor, the organization, the setting is really up to us.  It's my desire to create a place that is lovely, but also livable.  I want to walk in and say, "Ah, I love it in here" - not because it's perfect, but because it draws us in with its warmth and comfort.

For today's Freshen Up Friday, can I encourage you to take a look around and notice areas in your home that need a warming up touch?  For instance:

  • Does that corner table need a little lamp?  
  • Does the house smell good when you walk in?  Do you need to put a plug in Yankee Candle scent at your entrance?  
  • Does the front door need a good sweeping, then a fresh rug?  
  • Is the coffee area easy to access?  Are all the ingredients together for your morning cup?  

  • Are there comfy pillows on the couch for sitting together and visiting?

  • Does the deck or patio need a flower pot or outdoor lights?  How about an outdoor rug for a pop of color and a little table for your iced tea glass?
  • Is your bedroom inviting?  Is there a corner that needs de-cluttering?   
  • Are there pictures you've meant to get hung but are still in the closet?  Why not get them out and ask a friend to help you arrange them so you can spruce up those bare walls?

  • Have you baked something special for your family that sends sweet aromas through the house and reminds your family that you love them?
I only hope to inspire you a little to freshen up your home.  We all have a tendency to let things slip, but if we'll stop and take notice, we can set it right and make home the best place on earth!

Are you a homebody?  Have you been inspired to change anything?

Be refreshed!


Dale said...

I have always loved coming home and coming home to you.

Denise said...

Aw. I'm so glad. You're my motivation at home!