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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Biblical Time Management

Time's up!  How much time is left?  I don't have time!  It's time to go! What time is it?  It's about time!  Time's a-wasting! 
From the very moment we get up in the morning, until we go to bed at night, our world is consumed with time.  We complain that we don't have enough of it to get everything done, but the truth is that the Lord gives us enough time each day to do what He calls us to do!  Could it be that the reason we can't get everything done is because we are too busy, or perhaps a tad lazy?  Perhaps we are doing things that the Lord never asked us to do.
I attended a workshop this week about Time Management.  The speaker gave some great tips that I loved being reminded of, and thought you'd appreciate hearing them, too.  I'll share three tips for starters:
  1. Make a to-do-list. This little tip is huge.  If you don't know what you need to do, how will you know when you've accomplished all that needs to be done?
  2. Prioritize the list with ABC'sA - Absolutely must get done today.  B - Better get done.          C - Can wait until tomorrow, or be done later.
  3. Live by these questions:
    1. What must be done that only I can do?
    2. What can I delegate?
    3. What needs to be done first?
Remember as you prioritize that people are always first.  Corey Ten Boom said,
"When the house is on fire and there are people in it, it's a sin to straighten the pictures."
If you're struggling with getting everything done in a day's time, ask the Lord to show you how to implement these basic management principles into your routine. 
Do you make lists each day?  If so, do you write them, put them in your phone, have a computerized list or something else?  I'd love to hear what works for you!
With love,


Kellie Wampler Price said...

These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I am a list person myself.

There is a saying by Adrian Rogers that I love... "There is enough time in each day to gracefully do what God wants you to do."

I will be anxious to see what other tips you learned about time management :)

Whitney Pendell said...

For both work and at home, I always use a daily planner. I take a few minutes the night before and write down the tasks I need and/or want to accomplish. I find it very motivating to wake up to a long list of tasks just begging to be checked off! :)

Kimberly L. said...

I am a list girl!! I LOVE these organization tips... the ABC is really helpful. Am totally going to use that for my home list.

I use an Erin Condren on the go Life Planner to keep all of my appointments, business activities, to-do lists, and even memories organized and in one place. I highly recommend them. It's truly helped me get organized and stay organized while keeping things simple. They are $50, but I save $1 per week to pay for mine each year. Here's my referral link for anyone that would like a discount on theirs...

Plum paper planners on ETSY have similar planners that are cheaper.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing, ladies. I'm always drawn to pretty, helpful planner books. I've found several nice ones at discount stores like Ross.

Kim, I'll have to check out the Erin Condren ones; I've heard you brag about them so much that I need to see them for myself!