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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

Last week I was privileged to attend yet another decorating class at Gracious Designs, a lovely design store in Johnson City.  I've attended many other classes, and each one inspires me and teaches me how to make my home inviting and lovely, and also tastefully Southern.

Signs like these are scattered about Gracious Designs Store.

Last Saturday the class was on bringing summer into your home.  It piqued my interest since summer is my favorite season!  Bring summer inside?  How do I do that?  Here were some of their suggestions:

  • Bring bits of outside inside.  
    • Do you have a lantern you could use in your kitchen or entry way?  
    • Is there an outside table or chair you could put in your bathroom?  Do it!  
  • Brighten up your color palette.  
    • Add corals, greens and turquoise.
      • Do that with pillows on the sofa or cloth napkins and runners on the table.
  • Change out your artwork.  Canvas paintings are an inexpensive way to do that.
  • If you have a fireplace, fill in that "black hole." Remove the fireplace screen and add silk flowers with lit branches added.

Here are a few touches I've added:

Click on picture to enlarge.
I am looking for time to change the drawing on my chalkboard hanging over the fireplace to something summery.  But it's always a work in progress!

Look around to see what you could you bring in that would add some summery touches.  Perhaps a birdhouse or an iron bench or chair would be the perfect addition to a bedroom or your living room.  Let me know if you find something to add!

Thanks for stopping by for a peek!

With love from my country porch,


Whitney Pendell said...

I love the art over your foyer table. So pretty!

Denise said...

Thanks! Kirkland sale!

Debby Whitsitt said...

Hi Denise, for the last many days, I've been adding welcoming touches to my home. It's beginning to be "me". Any tips on how to add a picture here? I.d love to show the fireplace and mantle.
Love(!!!) Waverly and have that same pattern~

Denise said...

It's fun, isn't it, to go around and change this and add that?! I love it!

I'm afraid I'm not understanding where you're wanting to add a picture? Is it over the fireplace? If so, it needs to be large so it won't be overpowered by that space. The designers at the store where I've taken the classes say not to make everything "matchy-matchy." Trying to balance the mantle can make it too precise and boring. Vary heights. Your eye should flow up and down. Hope this helps!