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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Real Enemy

It was night.  The skies were dark.  The air seemed formidable. There was an eerie quiet in the camp.  Then out of the darkness came the loud trumpet blasts and a shout, "The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!"  Light from hundreds of torches blazed about the Midianites.  In terror, they ran about in a wild frenzy as the Israelite army stood firm on the border of the camp and watched God deliver them from their enemies.  Out of their fear, the Midianites began falling upon one another, killing their own people!  What a victory was won that night!  God did a mighty work!

This is a favorite Old Testament story.  It seems unreal that the Midianites, who were enemies of God's people, became so frightened by the small (300 member) Israelite army, that they didn't even know who their real enemies were, and began killing their own soldiers!

Sadly, this very scene often happens to God's own people.  Oh, we might not use a real sword and kill, but we forget who the real enemy is, and we start attacking those in the ranks with us.  Other soldiers, believers, who love the Lord, too, are shot down by fellow-Christians by words and attacks.  None of us are exempt from being a disappointing part of God's army.  We mess up, we sin, we fail, and are the first to admit it, and run to the Lord for forgiveness.  He's merciful and forgiving.  Our fellow-soldiers?  Not always.  Forgetting that the real enemy is the devil and his cohorts, we fall on the one with whom we should be linked up to instead.  The real enemy (the devil) stands outside the ranks of our camp and sneers and laughs while we discredit the name of Christ once again.

I write this post to say, let's link arms together and serve God.  Let's get busy making disciples.  Then we'll be so consumed with the business at hand, we won't have time to attack our own men.  Has someone disappointed you?  It's to be expected.  Keep your eyes on Christ.  Remember He is the ONLY one Who will never disappoint you!

There's work to be done.  Let's not get confused with who the real enemy is!

If you'd like to read the story for yourself, you'll find it here.

With love from your fellow-soldier,

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