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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Around Your Kitchen Table

Sunday night my husband gave a challenge ~

"Use your kitchen table and bring someone to your home for a meal and share Christ with them."

His challenge took me back to a little booklet that a woman (Lorraine Strobane) wrote, called, Around my Kitchen Table.  The booklet gave suggestions of ways to use your kitchen table to glorify the Lord and be a blessing to others.  Sharing Christ was one of her suggestions, too.

Why the kitchen table?  Think about it...a kitchen table is a welcoming place.  It's a place of comfort.  It's not intimidating.  It's the perfect place to welcome a friend and to open the conversation about the Bread of  Life, Jesus Christ.

You don't even need to fix a 4 course meal; serve a cup of coffee or glass of tea and a plate of cookies.  Keep the conversation easy and open.  Learn about the person, then you can begin questions about their soul, using the Share Jesus Without Fear Questions:

  • Who is Jesus to you?
  • Do you believe in heaven and hell?
  • Where will you go when you die? Why so?
  • If anything you were believing were not true, would you want someone to tell you?
Your friend may never even finish their coffee before they realize that someone is caring enough to show them how to have a relationship with the God of the universe!

How about you?  Have you initiated that invitation to someone yet to sit with you at your kitchen table?  It's an invitation to more than a cup of coffee or a meal - it's an invitation to join you in heaven!

From my kitchen table,

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