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Friday, May 9, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

This weekend is Mother's Day. Maybe you have a hard time thinking about how you can be refreshed because this is a hard day for you.  I heard something recently that I'm going to paraphrase:

To those who aren't moms, but wish they were, my heart aches.  
For those that have lost a baby, my heart sympathizes.  
For those who have lost their mom this year, my heart hurts.  
For those who have a wayward child, my heart prays.  
For those in the tough years of parenting, my heart embraces you in encouragement.  

For those who dread Mother's Day because you know you will probably not be acknowledged, decide right now, not to focus on your expectation of what your family should do for you.  Think of another woman (your own mom, mother-in-law, sister, widow, neighbor, etc) that you can honor on Sunday.  If your focus is on someone else, you'll be far less likely to be disappointed.

I have a precious mom, for whom I thank the Lord very often.  She's such a blessing to me - a true gift from God!  She raised three girls to love the Lord.  She listened to us, loved us, lavished us with affection, encouraged us in our callings, and prayed for us.  She did without so she could supply for us.  She taught me how to love my husband by her example to my dad.  She was a great cook, a skilled seamstress, an outstanding decorator.  I couldn't imagine a better mom than the one God gave me.  I'm excited that I'll get to see her tomorrow!

Isn't she pretty?!
 If you are thinking of honoring someone on Mother's Day and don't know what to do,  here are a BUNCH of cute ideas.

Why not go to a wedding this weekend?  I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be refreshed,

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