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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Discerning God's Will

A decision stretches out before you.  As you look ahead, it seems full of crossroads.  You wonder which way to turn, or whether you should simply stay on the path.  How is one to make a godly, biblical choice?  How can you know God's will?

We're all in this situation over and over again.  You'd think it would get easier, but truth be known, each decision is just as difficult as the last.  I'm still on this path, too, mind you, but I have learned a little about God's directives and what He does when we look to Him for direction.

  1. Make sure your decision is biblical.  If you're praying about doing something that God clearly points out as sin, you can stop praying.  God has already shown His will concerning that.  Is dating or marrying an unsaved man a question for you?  Forget it.  God's drawn the line in His Word.  Have you been offered a job that is great money, but would lead you away from church on a regular basis?  Why pray about that? God wants you to draw to Him. Going into business with an unsaved person?  God wants to protect you.  Obey His Word.  You can trust God's Word.
  2. Connect what happens next after you pray.  It is so easy to be earnest in prayer, asking the Lord to show you what to do, then get up off your knees and completely forget what you just prayed!  
  • For example, about 5 months ago or so, my husband and I had been invited to Spain to come and speak at a  Teen Mission Retreat.  What a wonderful opportunity!  How terrific to return to a place we'd visited before and for which we have a burden!  What a blessing to get to invest in young lives there!  But then, we wondered:
    1. Could we afford it?  The ministry that invited us would take care of us once we got there, but we needed to provide our flight over.  How would we come up with air fare for a flight like that?  
    2. Is that a good time to be away?  
    3. Who would fill in while we're gone?  
    4. Just because it's a good thing, is it what God wants us to do?
  • While we were praying about it, we had a revival meeting at our church.  One night the evangelist preached about using your life to the fullest while you have the opportunity.  I felt the Lord tugging at my heart concerning Spain.  When we got home from the service that night and we were lying in bed talking about the preaching, I asked my husband if God had spoken to him about the trip.  "Yes!  I really believe the Lord is telling us to go."  He then immediately got up and emailed the missionary to tell him he could plan on us attending the retreat.  We'd prayed.  God used a preacher to confirm His will.
  • We've prayed about God's provision for the airfare, then, just this week, totally out of the blue, someone called and had learned we were going and wanted us to know that they'd been directed of the Lord to help with our flight!  God continues to confirm His will and provide for His plan. You can trust God's leading  
3.  If God confirms in His Word, uses other means to show His will, and yet it seems impossible,                step out in faith and trust Him.  God is the God of the impossible.
  • When we were praying about our recent house purchase, it seemed totally ridiculous to think about!  We prayed.  God dropped the house plans for this house in our laps by a woman in our church.  We kept walking through that open pathway and in a way that only God could do, here we are today.  I'm amazed every single morning when I open my eyes here!  You can trust God with the impossible
4.    If the Lord is saying "No," then wait.  Don't move.  I prayed ten years about a house.  It was worth          the wait!  God's timing will be perfect.  I heard the words of a song yesterday that said, "What if             trials of this life are your mercies are in disguise?"  God isn't being mean, He's guiding us.                 He's protecting us.  He knows what is ahead.  I love the illustration that God has a helicopter                 view.  We only see from the dashboard.  He sees the "wrecks" up ahead and could be, in His                 mercy protecting you from a danger you cannot see.  You can trust God for His perfect timing.

I trust this helps and encourages you today in whatever decision you need to make.  The Lord wants to show you what decision to make.  Be patient and let Him lead you in His perfect Word, way, power and time!

With love,


Whitney Pendell said...

Thank you! =)

Sarah Roberts said...

What if you have prayed over something and when you seek the Godly advice from a friend the Lord uses that person to tell you no? How do you handle that or even wait?

Denise said...

You're welcome, Whitney. =)

Sarah, When the answer is "No" or "wait" it can be so disappointing. I've cried a river, then gone to the Lord and talked with Him. Last summer I had that very thing happen. I got on my face before the Lord and opened His Word. He led me to Psalm 63. David said in verse 4 he would lift up his hands to the Lord. God prompted me to pray that way. I lifted my arms upward with my hands open. I said, "Okay, Lord, I'm giving this to you. I take my hands off. I won't try to fix it or change it." It was so freeing! I prayed that way many times while waiting. The Lord flooded my heart with peace. I'm so thankful I waited, because He did incredible things LATER and in a different way than I'd ever anticipated!

Sarah Roberts said...

God always has a best plan and when we try to force our own will into His plan the results are often horrible. It takes great discernment at times to tell the difference between what we want and what the Lord wills, especially if we are close to a situation. Praise God for the council of Godly men and women to help us discern the truth. May we all seek to be humble servants of Christ.