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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

A Peek into my life this past week

As you may know, last week my husband and I had the opportunity for rest.  The wedding had taken place on Saturday and we left on Monday.  It was a horrible time to get away.  It was a wonderful time to get away.  I say it was horrible because I felt like I was leaving many things undone after the wedding.  The wonderful part was that we were exhausted and truly needed time to recuperate!  I'm thankful for my husband's wisdom in planning our trip for this particular time.  We both came home refreshed and ready to get back into the saddle!

I thought I'd share some of the highlights of our time away in the form of pictures:

Click on the picture to see it better

  1. Morning walks - We get up early every single day when we're at the beach.  I can't stand the thought of missing the sunrise!  One of my daughters says she'd like to see it too - if it happened later in the day!  She doesn't know what she's missing, but I would know, so I get up and am always glad I did.  I walk because I like to multi-task.  I'll listen to preaching or work on my memory verse.  All I think about when I'm jogging is that I want to stop!   My husband jogs because he loves it.  Good for him.  =)  
  2. Time together - This was the first time for us to be at the week alone - ever!  While we love those who have come with us before, it was pretty sweet to have time to do or not do whatever we'd like!  Sometimes I fixed our meal at the resort; other times we ate out.  We love Ultimate California Pizza, and then a couple of great seafood places, as pictured here.  We sat in lounge chairs from about 8 until 2 each day.  We'd get up and walk the beach.  We'd get hot and jump into the pool.  We'd eat lunch sitting there overlooking the beach.  We'd talk.  We'd nap.  It was "us" time!
  3. Little River - This is a town in North Myrtle Beach.  It has a restaurant we love where you can sit out and watch the boats cruise up and down while you eat the freshest and most delicious fish around!
  4. Lazy River - If you've never slipped into an inner tube and floated in the current of a lazy river, you don't know what real laziness is!  You don't have to budge or paddle or swim.  Just sit there and the current will take you around and around while the sun warms you and sparkles on the water beneath you.  

Aside from all the things picture, we also walked up for ice cream cones.  We shopped at the outlets.  We drove around and looked at the beautiful ocean homes.  We napped.  We swam.  We waded and splashed and collected shells and laughed and cried together.  The last word was the best part!

I'm so thankful to the Lord for providing this time for us. We all need time away.  Jesus went apart; so must we.  It's essential if we're to have the heart, energy and stamina to continue on.    Even if you can't get away to your favorite vacation spot, you need rest.  Find time to sit down with a favorite magazine and a glass of iced tea (sweet, of course!) and rest.  Eat breakfast out on the back deck.  Go outside and enjoy the evening on a swing while listening to a radio broadcast on your phone.  Pop some popcorn and enjoy your favorite movie.

Just rest.

From my country porch,


Whitney Pendell said...

I'm glad you had a good time!

Denise said...

It was super! I've been reliving it all week! Ahhh...