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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

A peek into my life this week

From the day we moved into our house, I would look into the dining room and anticipate being able to sit at our table and go through the Gospel with a neighbor and give them the Gospel.  My husband and I began praying, by name, for each of those who live around us.  How we desire to lead them to Christ!

Then, about two months ago, the door opened for me to invite one of my neighbors to join me in doing The Exchange Bible Study.  It's a great tool to introduce the Bible and the Gospel to those who don't know Christ, or aren't sure of their salvation.  She seemed eager to participate and faithfully came each week.

I could tell right from the first lesson that God was at work in her heart.  She was tender and full of good questions, yet also guarded; she rightly wanted to understand before making any kind of decision.  How she was prayed for!  I so longed for her to understand God's great love for her in sending Christ to exchange her sinfulness for His righteousness.

Then last week, as we sat with cups of coffee, Bibles and study books, we did the lesson that teaches about God's love.  We talked about how personal it is - that He loves her!  Tears welled up in her eyes.  I then asked the question that is at the end of the chapter, "What would you like to say to God right now?"  "I want to be saved, but I'm afraid I won't live up to what He expects of me."  I reminded her that because we have a sinful heart, that we will sin after salvation, but we confess it, get back up , and by God's grace move on.  Then she asked, "How do I do it (ask Christ to save me)?" We had already talked all about what Christ had done to show God's love, and why we needed to trust Him, so  I opened my Bible, tears in my eyes and joy in my heart and I showed her Romans 10:9, 13.  We clasped hands and she prayed and asked the Lord to be her Savior!

I cried.  She cried.  Dale cried.  Oh, the joy of seeing a sinner repent and trust the Lord for their salvation!  That dining room table will always be a special place for me as I think about how the Lord answered the desire of my heart to see someone trust Him in this house. That sweet young woman has become so dear to me and now we're no longer just neighbors - we are sisters in Christ!  What a blessing!

Are you seeking to disciples others and bring them to Christ?  Keep praying for the opportunity - the Lord will open that door for you!

With love from my country porch,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. It is a always a great blessing to see someone come to know the Lord. I want to be able to have this impact on my neighbors. I hope all goes well with the wedding this weekend!
Karen E.

Denise said...

Thank you! Pray we'll have strength! Btw, I will email you after this is all over!