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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's Your Family Story?

Every family has a story that they're known for.  Think about these families...

Adam and Eve
Joseph and his brothers
Cain and Abel
Simon Peter and Andrew
Aquilla and Priscilla
Annanias and Sapphira
Timothy and his mother and grandmother

If you're familiar with the Bible, you could probably come up with a word or two to describe each of the aforementioned families.  My descriptions would be:

Adam and Eve - Disobedient, Not submissive
Joseph and his brothers - (Brothers) Hated (Joseph) Forgave
Cain and Abel (Cain) Disobedient, murderer (Abel) Obedient
Simon Peter and Andrew - Evangelistic
Aquilla and Priscilla - Servants
Annanias and Sapphira - Liars
Timothy and his mother and grandmother - Faithful, obedient

What is your family's story?  You have one!  When folks think about you as a mother do they think, "Kind words" or "Screamer"?  Do they raise their eyebrows to describe your children's response to one another and use the word, "Fighters"?  Or would they describe them as loving?  What words would describe your marriage?

You may have had little to do with the story of your family while you were growing up, but as an adult, you can control your response to your parents and siblings, your children and your husband.  Are you thoughtful?  Caring?  Or are you bitter and holding a grudge?  You are not responsible for others' reactions, but you are responsible for your own.  You can change your family's story just by your response towards each member.  By walking in the Spirit and being loving, joyful,peaceful, longsuffering, gentle, good, and meek, you could turn your family's reputation into a best seller!

God created your family to bring honor and glory to Him.  What do you need to do today to change things?  You can do all things through Christ...that includes family relationships!  Ask the Lord to enable you to have a family story that will point others to Him!  Begin by changing the things in your own heart and response.  God will take care of the others.

With love,

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