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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Teachable Holiday

Easter is my favorite holiday.  I prefer to call it a "Holyday,: because that's what it is.  I'm all about seasonal foods, decorations, and fun - I think you've seen that. Well, Easter is such a special day - not because of the food or decor, but simply because of Christ's resurrection.  What if He had not risen?!  As the Scripture says, we would be of all men, most miserable.  Preaching would be in vain.  We would have no hope or reason to celebrate ever.

So moms, be sure you're making much of the Lord Jesus this week.  Tomorrow is Good Friday and is a very teachable day!

  • Talk about what Good Friday is.  It's not some weird religious day, it's the day Jesus died on the cross.  
  • Serve Hot Cross Buns for breakfast tomorrow and tell/remind your children what Jesus did for them.  
  • Plan to have a time of reading the Scripture with your children at three in the afternoon, if you can.  Read about the crucifixion in one of the Gospels such as Matthew 27.  If you will be apart at that time, read it at breakfast and tell the children to be thinking through the day about Jesus' suffering on the cross for their sins.  
  • You may want to go somewhere special like a park where you can sit and read the Scriptures, sing about the cross (At Calvary, The Pow'r of the Cross) and pray, thanking the Lord for His sacrifice.
  • Go on a walk and gather some sticks and the other objects needed to create this:
  • Our sins paved the way to the cross. Activity to teach children about why Jesus died on the cross.
    Love this idea!
  • Play a game that uses dice.  Remind your children that the soldiers cast lots to see who would get Jesus' robe.
  • If you color eggs and use vinegar, remind them that they gave Jesus vinegar to drink.
  • Go out for a treat like ice cream and give your child 30 dimes to represent pieces of silver to pay for it.  Ask him what the 30 dimes remind him of regarding Jesus dying on the cross.
  • Then, of course, remind them that Sunday is coming - the day we celebrate that Jesus did not stay in the tomb!!!!!
Of course you can't do all of those suggestions, but pick one or two and make much of Christ tomorrow, on this very special "Holyday."

Because He lives,

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