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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Reaching Out To The Younger Women

I recently heard of a young woman (I'll call her Lisa) who is totally overwhelmed with her life right now.  Young children are at her feet all day as she stays home to care for them.  They demand her constant attention.  While she loves it, this job as wife and mother has totally taken over her life and she has little time to herself.  She feels alone and is suffocating under her load.  Her story is repeated over and over again.  Who will reach out to Lisa?  How can she be encouraged?

I was so excited to announce at church two weeks ago that we are beginning a new mentoring ministry for women this June to rescue women just like this dear young woman I described above!  Several years ago, the Lord allowed me to hear about Apples of Gold; a ministry begun by a Betty Huizenga, the author of the curriculum.  The Lord prompted her to start a mentoring group for women, based on Titus 2.  The thing that stirred my heart about this particular curriculum was the layout for the time with the younger women.  It's fun, instructive and practical...and it involves something I love -  cooking! 

Here's the way our time will work:
We will start on Tuesday, June 3rd at 10:00 a.m. in my home.  The first hour will be a cooking lesson, given by the hostess, which in the case of this first class will be me.  There will be others who will share some recipes throughout our time together, but the hostess will be the primary cook.  We will be learning some basic cooking skills, as well as some more in depth/advanced techniques.

Apples of Gold

During the second hour, while the meal is cooking, we will have a time in the Word with a Bible lesson taken from Titus 2, and taught by one of the older women who have volunteered to help.  The lessons cover:

  • Kindness 
  • Loving your husband
  • Loving your children
  • Submission
  • Purity 
  • Hospitality 
Practical tips and helps will be given in the lesson time.

The last hour we are together we will eat the meal that was prepared.  While we eat, we will also discuss questions regarding the lesson just given.  It will be a lighthearted and loving time as the younger women are pampered and cared for during these hours.  They won't have to lift a finger; the older women are there to serve them!

After the six weeks is over, there will be  a celebration dinner one evening with the husbands (or friend) of the ladies attending.  The men will be encouraged and challenged by Pastor, or some other godly husband of the older ladies.  Then, Lord willing, another class will start in another location, perhaps in the evening or on a Saturday for another group of ladies.  The young women who have gone through a six-week session of Apples of Gold, can help with a successive group, if they desire, by helping the cook with the cooking process, washing up prep dishes, setting out the food, etc.

I hope you'll go on the website and read the testimonials of ladies who have participated.  Homes have been changed as a result of these classes!  It is my prayer that our younger women will be encouraged and strengthened through this ministry and that the older women will step up to the plate to serve as the Lord would burden their heart.

If you're not a part of our church, perhaps the Lord would have you begin a ministry like this in your area!  We are commanded to teach the "Lisa's".  If we don't obey, who will help them during the very demanding years of their lives?

Have you attended a mentoring ministry?  Would a class like this help you?

With love,


Shelley said...

This sounds wonderful! I wish we had this at our church. I am one of those young overwhelmed women who doesn't have time for herself or money to do anything if I did get out.

Denise said...

Shelley, Could I encourage you to seek out an older, godly woman and ask her if she would spend some time with you? Pray about whom you could ask. If she's unsure of what to do, you could each order this book of Apples of Gold (Amazon has used ones for .01!) and do it one on one - even without the cooking instruction. If she's willing to help you with hands-on things like cooking, all the better.
If you don't have someone there where you live, is there someone that could Skype with you? I used this very program with a gal in another state and we cooked together via Skype! There are many ways to incorporate this into your world. I'll be praying you find someone!!!!