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Friday, April 11, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

Cars get lots of use and abuse, and as result, they deserve need lots of care and attention.  Aside from all the regular maintenance stuff that has to be done to the engine, the inside needs a female touch to keep it smelling nice.  Let me define "nice."  It is NOT a pine tree fragrance or whatever other smell fragrance those plastic rear view mirror thingy's come in!  How about a Macintosh apple fragrance?  Lovely. Clean Cotton or Bahama Breeze?  These are all fragrances put out by Yankee Candle.  Take a look at this:

That is a vent clip.  You simply slide it into your vent and voila!  It makes your car smell wonderful!  I have a sweet neighbor who gave me a package of these Macintosh clips.  I put it in my Jeep, and later when I was loading my groceries in my car, I thought, "I didn't buy apples, but it sure smells like them  in here!"  Then it dawned on me that the delicious smell was coming from that Yankee Vent clip!

They come in a package of four and last for two weeks.  A package is $5 - so that's eight weeks of a great smelling car for five bucks!  Not bad!

I also love how cute they are.  I'd say they're a whole lot prettier than a pine tree hanging from my mirror!  Here's another one I saw on their web site:


How cute is that?!

Refresh the smell in your car with something that will smell cute and provide a little decor and style for the car!

Be refreshed,

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Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

These look like a much better option than those trees dangling from mirrors! So much cuter & I'm sure they smell much better too! Thanks for sharing!! Have a lovely weekend!