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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

A Peek Into My life This Week

The kitchen is my favorite place to be.  I enjoy writing up my weekly menu, cooking up supper from fresh ingredients or baking up a new recipe! I like arranging the cabinets and pantry to be more organized.  I even enjoy washing dishes! Call me strange, but it all gives me great pleasure!  

If you looked into my kitchen today you would easily spot some of my very favorite kitchen items. Some are foods and ingredients, others are equipment and decor.  Let me give you a little peek at six of my favorite things...

1.  Homemade Granola - I shared this recipe here.  A Bed and Breakfast where my husband and I have stayed several times, serves this for part of their breakfast spread.  The owners of the B&B were happy to share their recipe with me!  This is my husband's favorite thing to eat every day, so each week, I make up a batch to remind him that I love him!  He eats yogurt, fruit and granola 7 days a week!

2. Avocados.  Love these!  I eat them in salads, on tacos or fajitas, of course in guacamole, or whizzed into a dressing.  They're also good for you!  The most economical place to get them is Sam's.  I buy them for about $1 each.  Yum!!!

 3.  Fresh Flowers.  A sweet friend brought me this darling container and the flowers.  That was almost a week ago and they're still fresh!  Most grocery stores sell bouquets for $5.  What a nice touch on the kitchen table!  I love the I Corinthians 10:31 verse on the jar!  (My friend said she found it at Lifeway!)

 4.  Cookbooks.  I could sit and read through cookbooks all afternoon.  Typically when I'm planning my menu, I have out two or three so I can find new things to try!  I always write on the page if we like it, or any changes I may  have made.  I found three of these books recently at Tuesday Morning (love that store!).  I got all three for under $30.  That's a great price, since the real price is $25 each!

 5.  How cute are these adorable measuring cups?  I keep the 1/4 Cup one in the Granola container.  It makes a great little scoop!  A dear friend gave me these as a housewarming gift several months ago.  Any tool that's not only functional, but also pretty makes cooking all the more fun!

 6.  Cream.  If we are running low on coffee creamers, we will risk snow, tornadoes, or hail storms to venture out and stock up!  My husband has been known to buy 5 or 6 jugs of the Peppermint Mocha at a time!  If you're going to drink coffee, you might as well do it in style!

What are some of your favorite kitchen items or ingredients?

Thanks for stopping by for a peek!

From my country porch,


Trish said...

these are also some of my favorite things :) well, we do have alot in common..imagine that!..Love and miss you and very much enjoy this blog!

Denise said...

Thanks for reading and for your sweet comment, Trish. I miss you, too! I'd love to have a visit and catch up! How about a cup of coffee here in my kitchen? =)