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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Storms Don't Last Forever

Yesterday I stepped outside my door to do a simple task - fetch the mail from the mailbox at the end of our long driveway.  My ears caught hold of a wonderful sound - nothingness!  No cars.  No trucks.  No people.  Nothing.  All was quiet.  The only sound was the crow of a rooster in the distance, and the wind blowing through the yard.  It was delightful.  It was like a beautiful melody singing in my heart.  Why?  Because for so long whenever I stepped outside my door the very opposite was true - there were cars, trucks, people, sirens, motorcycles...noise.

As I walked back inside, mail in tow, I thought about the gift of the quiet and why I appreciated it so much.  The folks that have lived out in this area all their lives are used to it, but for me, it's a new pleasure that is such a delight, that I can't even describe what my heart feels when I experience it each day!  After being used to noise, the quiet is a gift.

The Lord whispered in my heart then, a sweet truth that I pondered on the rest of the afternoon.  You and I will not appreciate the peace until you've gone through the storm.  We would become so complacent and dependent on ourselves if He didn't allow the thunder of trials to reach our ears, or the splash of the rough waves to spill into our boat.  The disciples  on the Sea of Galilee appreciated the peace that Jesus brought because they'd experienced the rage of the waters.

If you're going through a storm right now and are hearing the roar of the waves, know that there will be a day in the future when the sea is calm, and you will bask in the sunshine and relishing its quiet because you have learned that times of peace are a gift from God.  While you're in the midst of it, remember Jesus' words to the frightened disciples - "It is I, be not afraid."  He is near.  Then also remember - Storms don't last forever.

With love,


Whitney Pendell said...

I'm going to share this with one of my favorite people today. =) Thanks.

Angie C. said...

I'm so happy for you all and what the Lord has provided for you! It is perfect, beautiful, and peaceful!

Denise said...

Hope it encouraged your favorite person, Whitney!
Thank you for rejoicing with us, Angie, that means so much!