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Friday, March 28, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

Though we had SNOW this week, I'm still thinking about springtime!  I know it's just around the corner.  With the spring weather come birds that have been wintering elsewhere (smart little guys!).  I'm hoping to lure some of them to the tree near the window that's beside my desk.

When I saw this simple little bird feeder, I knew I wanted to make one - first because it's just so stinking cute!  Then I really would like to see some birds coming for some seed near my seat at the window!  I hope it will do the trick, but even if it doesn't, this little craft was fun to make and will be cute in the tree out back.

Cut a piece of fabric to fit a clean can...

Put fabric glue or decoupage glue on can.

Roll fabric onto can and glue.

Add lettering - stenciled letters or craft letters, a Popsicle stick and twine to hang it...

 Refresh yourself and any birds that may be in your area with this cute little bird feeder!

I hope Sunday finds you in a Bible preaching church!

Be refreshed,


Alli said...

Such a cute idea!

Denise said...

Isn't it? I hope the birds think so!

Whitney Pendell said...

So cute! Liza will enjoy the show, too. =)