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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Don't Assume Anything

I meet you at church or see you going to another church, and I assume you are there because you know God and love Him.  

I strike up a conversation with you on the airplane and when I ask you who Jesus is to you, you say, "The Savior."  I assume His is your Savior and that you have trusted Him for salvation.

You come to me to talk to me about a weighty issue going on in your life.  Because I know you're saved, I assume that you have been in the Word of God and are seeking His wisdom about what you're facing.

You live in the south ~ in the Bible belt, and I assume you've heard the Gospel.

You attended a ladies' conference where I was and I assumed you're a pro-life supporter, and in favor of one man, one woman marriage.

Do you tend to agree with all these assumptions?  I think if we're honest, we tend to lean towards these beliefs.  Yet there's something very wrong with making this hypothesis - probably, more than not, they are not true!  The more people I talk with and bump into, the more I realize that: just because someone is in church doesn't mean they are believers, anyone can answer that Jesus is a Savior without Him being theirs, Christians are not always in the Word,  our country is biblically illiterate, and pro-abortionists and gay life supporters are unafraid to mingle in a crowd different than their own.

Therefore, we need to ask deeper, harder questions.  I think we want to believe that the stranger believes everything we do and, we're so relieved we won't have to witness to the folks I just described, that we never push further.  It needs to be done lovingly, but we really do need to go deeper.  If we really care, we need to gently ask,

The church attender - "What is the best thing you've heard at a church service where you attend?"  If a person is saved, they will share something about the Gospel that saved them!

The fellow-plane passenger - Is He your Savior?  Tell me when you trusted Him.

The counselled - What have you read recently from Scripture that has helped and/or guided you in this?

The conference attendee - Where do you get your standards for your personal life?

It's from these questions that we can take the person to The Word of God.  What we think doesn't matter - we need to have the Bible as our authority.  

The next time you chat with someone, make sure you're asking questions so you can know if they know your Savior.  The second question you ask them could open up the opportunity to lead them to Him!  But it will only happen if you don't make an assumption.  Ask, don't assume!

Now, let me ask you a question:  it would be easy to assume that because you're here reading my blog, that you know Christ as your Savior, but are you 100% sure that you're on your way to heaven?  On what are you basing that?  If it's your good works, or anything you have done, then you have fallen short.  Romans 3:23  Has there ever been a time when you received what Christ did on the cross as payment for your sins?  All you have to do is call on Him to save you!  I trust that you will do that today so you can have assurance of a home in heaven and enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ beginning today!

With love,

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