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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

As I've stopped to think about what has been going on in our country home as of late the word that comes to mind is counting.  Yes, counting.  We're counting the days until the wedding, we're counting  wedding guests and cookies (a wedding ingredient).  We're counting costs and numbers of yards of ribbon, streamers, flowers, out of town guests and beds needed.  There's lots of counting that goes on when you're planning a wedding!

Counting, calculating and planning are ingredients necessary for most any kind of planning.  You count the hours the meat needs to cook, and what time you should put it in the oven so it will be ready.  You count silverware for the table setting for dinner, the number of children in your child's class who will need a birthday cupcake, or the number of dollars you can spend when you go to the grocery store.

But then there's a whole different kind of counting - that not of numbering, but simply stopping to weigh the outcome of the decision you're getting ready to make.  It, too, is crucial in planning.  When you're not sure which way to go, you can be pulled between two decisions, not sure which way is best.  I learned some years ago a method to help in this kind of counting; I hope this will help you in the decision you need to make in days ahead.

  • Pray specifically for God's leading in this decision.  Make no decision  without prayer!  Ask Him to lead you to Scripture that will enable you to know His will, and to people who will confirm His will.
  • On a piece of paper, make some lists.  Write:  Why would I do this?  Why would I not do this?  Then, write Why should I do this?  Why should I not do this?  This will reveal your motives and will give you a good idea of the direction your decision needs to go.  For instance, if you're praying about whether or not to teach a ladies' Sunday school class and you ask, "Why would I do this?"  and your first thought is that you'll get recognition, that's a proud heart.  If you ask "Why would I not do this?" and your answer is, "Because I'm afraid!," you're not trusting in the Lord to enable you, so don't toss it out!  Hope that makes sense.  Just define the "why's".
  • If you're married, talk with your husband about the decision.  Many times this step of his counsel will give you the guidance you need.  If you don't have a husband, seek godly wisdom from a person who will give you biblical advice.
  • Connect what happens next.  Be looking for God's leading in events the Lord orchestrates, Scripture, biblical messages and godly people.  (Not dreams and horoscopes - stay biblical!)
  • Remember that God's will never contradicts His Word!  You don't have to pray about marrying an unsaved man or going to an event that would dishonor the Lord.  Any decision the Lord leads you to make will be biblical!  

Join me in counting - then we'll all be prepared to do what is before us!

From my country porch,

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