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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Ungrinding" the Grind

Birthdays.  Anniversaries.  Christmas.  These are all days of celebration.  They are reasons to rejoice!  But, as you very well know,  every day is not a birthday, anniversary or Christmas.  Most days are just normal days of dirt, traffic, messy diapers and spilled coffee.  Solomon put it this way - "Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity."  The author of one book put it this way, "Life is a grind."

But you know what?  We have a choice what to do with our grind.  We can grit our teeth and furrow our eyebrows in a scowl and just endure, or we can choose to make the most of each day - even in the midst of the tough stuff of life.

Mothering can be a grind.  But in the midst of diaper rash, strained peas on the floor and temper tantrums, what will you do to "ungrind" the grind?  How about pulling out the flour and oil and making some homemade play dough?  Or packing up the kids and heading to the park on a sunny day and enjoying your lunch in the sunshine?  What about playing hide and seek with them at home, making a fun table setting to surprise Daddy at supper or going to the library for story time and staying long enough to check out books to read at home?

Marriage can be a grind.  But in the midst of budgets, parenting, and broken dishwashers, what will you do to "ungrind" the grind?  How about planning an over-nighter away a couple weekends (or months) from now?  Have fun planning and anticipating the time away.  What about checking out a Christian book on marriage (or downloading a free one on your Kindle) and reading together before you go to sleep?  Why not stop for ice cream or coffee on your way to a normal activity such as going to the grocery store?  How about taking time to click "play" on that hilarious You Tube clip of Tim Conway acting as the dentist and shooting himself with Novocaine?  Laugh the night away!

Work can be a grind.  But in the midst of the schedule, the drive, the stress, what will you do to "ungrind" the grind?  Why not plan for a great lunch in the middle of the week?  Meet your spouse or a friend and have something to look forward to.  How about dressing up a bit, or polishing your nails or fixing your hair more than normal so you'll feel really "sharp" during the work day?  Check out a CD from the library and listen to a book to make the commute more enjoyable! Or work on Scripture memory cards while you drive, sing with your favorite CD or make a phone call (if you can drive and talk at the same time) and talk with a loved one while you're traveling to your job.

We have to be intentional about "ungrinding" our grinds.  But the Lord gave us minds to plan, the sun to shine, books to read, food to enjoy, mouths to smile, and music to sing, so enjoy it!  These are all gifts from His hands.  Enjoy the grind!

With love,

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