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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making a Difference

What power there is in touch.  Yesterday while I was praying, I was leaned forward, my head in my hands, calling out to the Lord.  While I prayed, my sweet kitty, Liza, heard me and jumped up on the arm of the chair (though she's not supposed to be there!).  She then hunkered down, and reached her paw out and put it on my arm and kept it there! I reached for my phone and snapped this picture.  I know she has no emotion, but it seems something stirs in her when she hears me crying out to the Lord in prayer.  It's just so sweet.

Far greater than that, was later in the morning,  when I met up with some friends.  The first thing they each did when they saw me was to embrace me tightly and share how much they'd been praying for me during this week of roller coaster emotions.  They touched my heart.

There is so much expressed in God using another human to touch you.  It shows the depth of their care. Our Savior touched those with whom He was showing compassion.  People that touch others make a difference.  Jude 1:22   And of some have compassion, making a difference.  It's not necessary to give a bear hug.  You could put your hand on their arm.  Place your arm around their shoulders.  Rub their arm.  Pat their hand.  Touch is soothing.  Touch displays warmth and care.  It brings you close.  Maybe that's why many of us hesitate...we're afraid to get that close.  Oh, how we need to push back our inhibitions and just do it; we need to show someone we care.

Maybe you're not in close proximity to physically touch someone who needs your compassion; there are other ways to emulate that.  Call.  Pick up the phone and speak your compassion.  My older daughter called me as we were headed to the accident scene, just to check on me.  It touched my heart.  Send a card.  A real, in the mail, card.  Send a text message right then.  Don't wait.  I had one friend that sent a text to me near 2 a.m. because she knew we were at the hospital.  That she would take the time that late to message me, was a blessing.  

I've really been lousy at this most of my life.  I'm praying the Lord will help me to show more compassion, of which I've been the recent recipient.  It's certainly made a difference...just like God's Word says it will.

There is at least one person in your world who needs a "touch" from you - people are hurting all around us. With whom do you need to display compassion?  Do it today.

With love,

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Kimberly Ledford said...

You never know how much the little things in life make a difference. Thank you for being an example and showing us what the little things mean to you because often they mean the same to others.