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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Peek From My Porch

Monday was a day for comfort.  The comfort of home.  The comfort of a hug.  The comfort of just being together. The comfort of  sitting on the couch together and talking. The comfort of having dinner in front of the fireplace.  The comfort of grasping hands in our mealtime prayer.  The comfort of playing games after the dishes were cleared away.  The comfort of one another's presence.

Through the tragedy of the accident, our hearts have especially leaned heavily on the comfort of God's Word and of the reminders of His presence.  "Lo, I am with you always" has a deeper understanding, a greater appreciation.  Always.  He was never away.  Never unmindful.  People leave.  People forget.  People have intentions.  God never leaves - never forgets - always follows through.  What comfort that has been to my heart.

Alli and Andrew had to go back home yesterday, which means we can't be with them, but our God went, and He also stayed.  He is with them.  He stayed here with us.

Because we have a Comforter, we are comforted and we know how to comfort.  The time with Alli and Andrew was sweet, and we relished the opportunity to give comfort.  Perhaps today you have a sick or unhappy child. Maybe your mate is disgruntled or discouraged.  Lay aside the things you feel are calling for your attention at some point today and dish out some comfort.  Cuddle up.  Read a psalm.  Play a game.  Listen to them.  Make things cozy.  Light candles at dinner.  Bring out the special dishes.  Buy donuts with sprinkles.  Bring dinner on a tray with a flower in a vase (silk will work just fine!).  Color pictures.  Look at photo albums.  Laugh.  Pray together.  And remind them that the One True Comforter will always be with them. Yep, ALWAYS.  What comfort!

From my country porch,

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