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Friday, January 31, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

Sooooo, what did you do with the Christmas cards you received this year?  Are they in a stack somewhere?  In a box?  A drawer?  You'll come across them this spring when you begin your deep cleaning and give them a chuck into the trash can, right?  Hold it!  I have two suggestions to make good use of that hard work and money your friends and family put into sending you a holiday greeting!

  1. Find all the cards that were those adorable Christmas photo cards.  Snap a picture of it on your phone, and then make it that person's contact photo!  
  2. Place all the cards into a non-seasonal basket and place it near your dinner table.  Each night at supper, pull out a card and pray for the sender of that card.  Pray specifically for each member of that family, for their salvation, and/or their walk with God.  Pray they will seek Him this year.  Pray they will be used of the Lord for His service.  Pray they will have wisdom and clear direction to make each day profitable for Him!  Why not also send them a note, telling them you've prayed for them?  I'll bet it will refresh and encourage them!
Wouldn't you appreciate knowing that your Christmas card was being used that way?  It turns a simple greeting into a double blessing - first to you when you received it, and secondly to the sender, for whom you are praying and thinking of each time you see their update picture on your phone!

Be refreshed,


Karen said...

I LOVE LOVE the prayer basket idea! Thanks for sharing.

Whitney Pendell said...

I always loved praying for people at supper (and looking at their cmas cards in july). Such a great idea!