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Friday, January 3, 2014

Freshen Up Friday

I got the nicest housewarming gift from a friend a couple months was a food Saver/ Vacuum Sealer like This one...
Product Details

To be honest, it's not something I would have thought to purchase for myself, but my sweet friend had one and knew how useful they are in keeping foods fresh, so she ordered one for me.  I'm SO thankful for it!  At Christmastime when I had an abundance of goodies, breads and soups leftover, rather than chunking stale items in the trash can, I got out my sealer and put those little gems into vacuum sealed bags and then froze them.  They won't have freezer burn or taste old when preserved like this!

Also, buying meats on sale assures me that they'll be fresh when I separate them into smaller packages.  I have sealed crackers and chips, too.

If you like to buy in bulk, I'd highly recommend a sealer like this!  It will keep you from tossing things that have gone bad before you had a chance to use them!  This is a great tool!  Freshen up your foods with this sealer; I think you'll be really glad you purchased this.  Thanks again, Becky!

Oh, and be sure to refresh yourself by being in church on Sunday.  Nothing will encourage you like the preaching of God's Word and the fellowship of other believers!

Be refreshed,


Beth said...

What model is this? Is it a foodsaver brand? Any recommendations on purchase?

Beckynndanna said...

Yes Beth, it is a Food Saver brand, I got mine and Denises from QVC, it was very resonable. You can find them in the stores like Wal-mart, Meijer, etc. But, I definitely by the food saver brand. It is Foodsaver V2245. Check Qvc online, they have great customer service and you have 30 days to try it out and send it back if you don't like it.
Denise, I'm so glad your enjoying your Food Saver, I knew you would put it to good use:) I love mine.

Denise said...

There you go, Beth - from the gift-giver herself! =) It's great!

hkeels said...

I have one and love it also. I would love to share some things I have learned using mine anytime you want to!

Anonymous said...

I love mine also! Especially on salads and other fruits and vegetables.

Denise said...

Love the tips! Hadn't thought of salads and veggies sealed - I'll have to try that!
Hazel, share away! =)I'd love to hear your uses!